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Chapter 26: The Human Rights Declaration: Hypocrisy of a Barbarous Society

And unless we recognize the uniqueness of each individual, there are not going to be any human rights, and there is not going to be a civilized world - human, loving, rejoicing.

In the declaration they emphasized the fact again and again that you should love all human beings; you are all brothers. But have you ever seen brothers being in love? Have you ever seen brothers being friends? The way brothers fight, nobody fights.

And just saying, “You are brothers,” does not make it a reality. These people who declared these human rights - what authority have they got? Who are they? Politicians.and they are the cause of all the wars, they are the cause of all kinds of violence happening all over the world.

These are the people who have kept almost half of humanity - womankind - in a state of slavery. But looking at the declaration I had really a great time.because it does not talk about sisters, only brothers.

Sisters don’t count - yet they are half of humanity.

They are not even mentioned.

These politicians are articulate, clever, cunning.mostly coming from the legal profession. They are saying there should be no discrimination between man and woman, between black and white. Between races, religions, political ideologies, there should be no discrimination. And who is making the discrimination? These are the same people who are making the declaration.

They have enslaved the woman for centuries, and they are not yet willing to give her freedom - which, according to their declaration, is a basic human right.

The blacks are being treated as animals. Just at the end of the last century, the blacks were still be sold, auctioned in marketplaces like a commodity. And even today, they are not respected as the white people are respected.

And these are the white people - all these politicians are white. These white people have been driving the whole of humanity, for three hundred years, into slavery. They all had their empires. England had the biggest empire; it was said that the sun never set in the British Empire. Somewhere or other in the British Empire the sun was shining and it was day - all around the earth. But other white people were not far behind: the French, the Portuguese, the Spanish - they all had vast empires, exploiting the whole earth. They have been the parasites: and it is hilarious that all these parasites are now declaring human rights.

This is a deception. It is not meant; what they are saying they don’t mean. It is just to give you an idea that you are equal to everybody, you are a brother to everybody, that you have all the human rights.

But I know - all these human rights are just hypocrisies.

I know by my own experience.

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