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Chapter 10: The Open Secret

Once your eyes are full of love you have the capacity to see into the trees, to see into the rocks, to their very innermost core, and find godliness there. Then it is everywhere. All that is needed is a loving heart.

The problem with modern man is that we have forgotten the language of silence, we have forgotten the way of the heart. We have completely forgotten that there is a life which can be lived through the heart. We are much too hung up in the head, and because we are so much in the head we cannot make any sense out of love. It becomes more and more problematic. It becomes such a problem that there are many people who deny it just as they deny God. They say, “There is no God - it is fiction; and there is no love either - that too is only a fiction.”

They would like to reduce love to pure chemistry; they would like to reduce love to something physiological, hormonal, concerned with your glands and their secretions. Yes, that too is part of love, but the most superficial part - the chemistry, the physiology. They are its circumference but not the center. The center is elusive, mercurial; you cannot grasp it with your hand or with your head. It slips out, it escapes your fist. You can have it only with an open hand - I call it the open secret.

Never make love a question. You ask me, “Why? Why is love a secret?” There is no why: it is so. Why are the trees green? Small children sometimes ask, “Why are the trees green and why is the rose red?” How are you going to explain to them? If you are foolish enough - that means if you are scientific enough - you will try to explain to them that it is because of chlorophyll that the trees are green. But the child can ask, “But why does the chlorophyll make them green and why is the chlorophyll green?” The question remains the same, you have simply pushed it a little further back.

D.H. Lawrence is right. A child asked him, “Why are the trees green?” He said, “They are green because they are green.” And the child rejoiced immensely in the answer. He said, “This is the right answer! I have been asking many people; they say foolish things. This I can understand. Yes, they are green because they are green!”

Love is a secret because it is a secret. But it is an open secret - that much I would like to add - it is an open secret. It is available. Nobody is guarding it. It is not locked in the temples, it is not locked somewhere in the libraries, it is not locked in some underground treasure. It is an open secret. It is in the rain and in the wind and in the sun. It is just for you to be open and allow it to happen to you. Don’t make a question out of it.

Never make a question out of life. Let life remain a mystery, don’t try to change it into a problem. That is one of the greatest mistakes we can make, and we have been making it continuously. First we make a question out of something which is a mystery, and then the question cannot be answered. Then the only resort is to deny the whole thing.

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