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Chapter 11: The Law of Grace

Can’t you see things just as they are? Can’t you just be a mirror without projecting any meaning? If you can be just a mirror, there is no meaning and no meaninglessness. You rise above both, you rise above duality, and then there is great serenity.

The moon rises above the river.
On the bank the wind plays softly in the pines
all night long, pure and calm.
What is the meaning of that serenity?

And realize it this very moment! Don’t think about it. If you think, you have already gone astray. A single thought and you are as far away from the truth as you can be. Just see it. I am not preaching a certain ideology to you, I am not imparting any information, I am not concerned with any creed, I am simply sharing my vision. Just for a moment, look through my eyes. For a moment, feel through my heart. Let your heartbeats be rhythmic with my heartbeats. That is satsang. That is communion with the master. For a moment, breathe with me. For a moment disappear, for a moment don’t think, for a moment forget that you are. Then only will you be able to understand. Seeing is understanding; it is not a question of thinking.

And once you are freed from meaning and meaninglessness you are freed from all the prisons of beliefs, ideologies, scriptures - Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian, Jaina. You are suddenly out of all the prisons; for the first time you are under the sky. When you are utterly empty, just as the sky is outside you, infinite, so there is a sky within you as infinite as the outer one. And when you are not asking for any meaning, both these skies meet, merge into oneness. That experience is godliness. Godliness is not a person, that experience is godliness.

The second question:

It is impossible to find jokes about Aussies: they are so lukewarm, so boring, so nice, they never offend anyone. There is no character to poke fun at. Have you noticed?

In a certain way you are right. They are lukewarm and they are nice. And certainly lukewarm people are boring; to be interesting you need a certain intensity. Nice people are boring. You can have nice people around only for a little while, you cannot live with nice people for long - they will kill you with boredom. They don’t have any spice in them, they don’t have any salt, they don’t have any taste at all - they are tasteless. In that sense you are right. But that is enough to create many jokes. In fact, that is a perfectly beautiful jumping board!

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