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Chapter 30: This Beautiful Earth

And now there are scientific devices - this old rotten device is of no use. There are lie detectors. Where you are standing in the court, a lie detector can be just underneath the platform you are standing on: it can immediately show whether you are lying or whether you are saying the truth. It is so easy, because whenever you lie your heartbeat changes: when you know the truth and you go against your own knowledge - you are saying something you know is not true - your heart is no longer rhythmic. When you are saying the truth, the heart has a rhythm; it can be picked up.

Just underneath the witness platform there can be a light - which the witness will not see, but the magistrate can see - which can signal when the person is lying and when the person is saying the truth. It is so easy. There can be a graph like a cardiogram. Whenever you lie, your cardiogram will go berserk. And when you are saying the truth there will be a harmony in the cardiogram. It can be in front of the magistrate: he can go on seeing the cardiogram - when you are lying and when you are saying the truth. When he feels you are lying, he can inquire more. He can question from different dimensions until you speak the truth, until the cardiogram says, “Okay, go ahead.”

When we have devices which can detect lies, this device of the oath is simply out of date, simply meaningless. A man who can commit a murder, do you think he will bother much about your holy book? And he has committed murder already: he knows he is going to hell, what more can you do? If he lies, he will go to hell - the same hell which he was going to already. What more tortures can you give him? At least by lying he can protect himself while he is alive from the tortures of the prison.

And who knows about after death? And God is compassionate, God is kind, God is love: just a little murder.. If one murder sends a person to hell, what will happen to Adolf Hitler? - ten million murders! Even God cannot find enough punishment for the man; hell will not be enough.

You have committed a small theft - just a little bit of lying can save you from unnecessary harassment, punishment. And as far as after death is concerned, nobody has come back; nobody is an eye-witness that bad people go to hell and good people go to heaven. Nobody knows what kind of logic functions after death. Perhaps good people are sent to hell, because “you have enjoyed goodness enough. Now have some taste of hell too.” And bad people have suffered their whole life with anxiety and anguish; they need a little rest, a little holiday, a long weekend. Send them to heaven! This seems to be logical.

And nobody knows whether you are going to survive after death. There have been great philosophers - in India, a whole school of philosophers called Charvakas - who believe that with the death of the body everything dies. So it does not matter what you do - just do it skillfully so that you are not caught. And don’t be worried about what happens after death; after death you will not be there. Death means the end of you.

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