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Chapter 46: Doors to the Mysterious

Remember one thing: whatever Sigmund Freud says about dreams is only a partial truth, because all the beautiful structures in the world. The Taj Mahal must have been a dream in the mind of a creative artist. And the man, the emperor, collected the greatest sculptors and stone cutters from all over Asia - it took almost thirty years; one thousand sculptors, and ten thousand laborers were working for thirty years continually. And what was the reward to the dreamer whose dream became a reality?

Perhaps you are not aware what happened to all those creators who were part of creating the Taj Mahal, the most beautiful structure in the world. On a full-moon night, it again becomes almost like a dream. On a full-moon night, seeing it, you have a doubt - are you dreaming, or is it real?

The hands of the one thousand artists who had labored their whole lives were cut off by the emperor, because the emperor never wanted them to make another structure which could be better than Taj Mahal, or even could be equal to Taj Mahal. That was the reward.

Everything that you see in the world - the scientific progress, the technology, the great structures, the great gardens - were once nothing but a dream. Today, when you fly in the sky in an airplane, you never think that you are flying in the dream of two young fellows, the Wright brothers. And they were condemned. They were not very experienced, one was twenty, another was twenty-two, young boys, but the dream possessed them that if birds can fly, there must be a mechanism that can replace the wings of the birds. A simple idea, but they were poor.

Their father used to run a bicycle shop, he used to sell bicycles, he used to rent them. And in the basement of their house he used to throw all parts of bicycles which had become useless, rotten. At night those two boys, hiding in the basement, were trying to create a flying machine out of the useless parts. The family thought they were mad, and the whole city laughed, but undeterred, they went on working.

The day their first flying machine was ready they were afraid to tell anybody. They took the machine outside the house in the night when everybody was asleep, and in the morning, with the rising sun, they tried it for the first time. It flew not very far, just sixty feet high, not for very long, just for one minute it remained in the air - but that was enough; the principle was found. If a machine can rise to sixty feet, it can rise to six thousand feet; if a machine can remain for one minute, it can remain for hours. The basic principle had been found.

Then they informed the whole city; even their parents came to see. Nobody believed these crazy boys: “The whole day they sleep and the whole night they work, and who has ever heard that out of the useless parts of bicycles you can make an airplane?” The whole town gathered, and again they succeeded to give them the show. Then, from all over the world, people who were interested in flying machines rushed toward the place.

The house of the Wright brothers became almost a mecca. Great scientists came to pay respect to them, saying, “We have also been dreaming about it, but we never believed in our dreams so confidently. You are exceptional. You believed in your dream, you trusted in your dream; it is your trust that has transformed the dream into a reality.”

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