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Chapter 5: Turning Lions into Sheep

Their process is very simple. They go on eating, and there comes a time when they become fat in the American way. There is a limit beyond which they cannot go on eating. They divide themselves in two. One amoeba becomes, at a certain stage, two amoebas. They are immortal unless they are killed. Then two amoebas go on eating more and more, and soon there will be four amoebas. This is the only animal in existence which has no sexuality.

Why this insistence on immaculate conception? - just to make Jesus a very special human being, far above, beyond the ordinary mankind.

I have heard.. A psychoanalyst was dealing with a young girl. Her mother had brought the girl to him. The girl was pregnant, she was almost ready to give birth. Nine months were over, and it was so apparent, but the girl denied absolutely that she was pregnant. She said she had not even touched any man, she had not been in company with any man; how can she be pregnant?

The psychoanalyst tried in every way to persuade her to tell the truth, but she simply denied it: “How can I be pregnant? I have no relationship with anybody - and particularly a sexual relationship.”

Finally the psychoanalyst got very irritated. He went to the window, opened the window, and stood there looking far away towards the horizon. It had not been more than five minutes, but it felt as if years had passed. The mother and daughter both could not believe it: what is he doing there?

Finally the mother asked, “What are you thinking? What are you doing standing there facing towards the horizon?”

He said, “I am watching for the three wise men from the East! - because this is the second case of immaculate conception. But I don’t see any camels carrying the three wise men from the East, I don’t see any star moving towards this place where this pregnant girl is saying that she is a virgin.”

To make it a little bit rational, Christians have gone into an absurdity which they don’t understand. Because they could not prove how a woman without sexual contact with a man could become pregnant, they brought in the idea that she became pregnant by the Holy Ghost.

Then it is no more an immaculate conception, and the Holy Ghost is no more holy. He is the most unholy ghost in the whole world, making a poor girl pregnant. And the absurdity does not end here, it goes on further. Asked, “Who is the Holy Ghost?” they say, “It is part of God.”

Which part? - the hand? the head? By hand you may tickle her, but you cannot make a woman pregnant; neither can you do the job with your head. It is absolutely obvious which part the Holy Ghost is: God’s sexual machinery! .And not an ordinary sexual machinery, but portable. God remains where he is in the heavens, and the portable machinery comes and makes poor Mary pregnant!

These are the truths you are guarding? Then what can be a bigger lie?

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