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Chapter 19: Of Old and New Law Tables Part 3

My pity for all that is past is that I see: It has been handed over.

From where have you got your past? It has been handed over to you by your parents, by your educational system, by your religious leaders, by your scriptures. But it has been handed over to you; it is not your search, it is not your experience. And anything that is not your experience is simply a burden, and prevents you from flying into the open sky towards the stars.

.handed over to the favor, the spirit, the madness of every generation that comes and transforms everything that has been into its own bridge!

Every generation goes on giving its madness to the new generation. It is a very simple arithmetic, why man has been continuously falling lower - because the madness goes on piling up. Every generation adds only one thing to the life of man; that is, its own madness. Thousands of generations have passed, and they all give their own madness. The next generation improves upon it, then hands it over to the coming generation.

For centuries we have been doing only one thing: improving upon the madness that has been handed over. And we have given beautiful names to this madness, just to hide the fact that it is madness. Not only have we been able to hide it, we have even persuaded ourselves to worship it.

One of the great poets of India was Surdas. His name literally means “in the service of music,” but it has become synonymous with a blind man. He renounced the world, just the way the Hindus have been doing for centuries.

One day he went to beg, and a very beautiful woman opened the door. Seeing the woman, the repressed sexuality, the repressed sensuality uncoiled like a lion inside him. He became very much afraid. He went back to his cottage and took out both of his eyes, then went back to the woman. She could not believe what had happened - there was blood all over his face, and he was holding on a plate, two eyes. He offered those two eyes to the woman, and he said, “They belong to you. They are no longer parts of my body; they were destroying my whole reincarnation. Now they can be happy being with you, because they saw your beauty.”

I will call it sheer madness, because it is not the eyes - eyes are simply doors; they allowed the woman’s figure to enter into him. The sexuality was inside him, not in the eyes. Eyes are just mirrors. There is no sex center in the eyes. They don’t have any judgment; they simply reflect whatever comes in front of them.

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