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Chapter 10: Something to Be Remembered

“And thus the die was cast. For the rest of my childhood in Hungary, and even when my family moved to Vienna, I remained an ardent and loyal supporter of MTK, and my heart still goes out to them, all the way across the Iron Curtain. Moreover, their glamorous blue and white striped shirts never lost their magic, whereas the vulgar green and white stripes of their unworthy rivals still fill me with revulsion.

“I am even inclined to believe that this early conversion played a part in making blue my favorite color. After all, the sky is blue, a primary color, whereas green is merely the product of its adulteration with yellow. I may laugh at myself, but the emotive attachment, the magic bond, is still there, and to shift my loyalty from the blue-white MTK to the green-white FTC would be downright blasphemy.

“Truly, we pick up our allegiances like infectious germs. Even worse, we walk through life unaware of this pathological disposition, which lures mankind from one historic disaster into the next.”

You come to me - you have already belonged to a group your whole life. You have been a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian, a Jew. And these groups are not ordinary groups like football teams - they indoctrinate, from the very beginning they start conditioning you. Great conditioning exists in you.

So whenever a man like Jesus or Buddha is there, your conditioning goes against him. He wants to create an unconditional mind, that’s the problem. He wants you to get rid of all your pathological attachments, that’s the problem. You are too much attached to your disease, to your pathology, and anybody who wants to see you healthy and whole will look like the enemy. See the point.

Another new sannyasin, Dwabha, has just written to me saying, “I am feeling very good here, but when I go out there are Christians who hand out pamphlets to me about Christianity, about Jesus, and they tell me that you are an anti-Christ. So what should I do?”

It is natural. Christians are becoming afraid because so many Christians are coming to me. The fear is natural, their vested interest is there. Hindus are afraid, Jainas are afraid; their fear is understandable. To take anybody from any group to which he has belonged is to offend the group because their number is reduced. And number means power. In this world, the more people belong to your group, the more powerful you are. In the name of religion, much power politics goes on.

So they will tell you that I am anti-Christ. They were telling Jesus’ followers that Jesus was anti-Moses; they were telling Buddha’s followers that Buddha was anti-Veda. That has been an old, old story; it is nothing new.

Truth cannot be accepted by the masses because the masses live in lies. And they have lived in their lies so long that those lies are no longer lies to them, they really believe in it. And whenever you say something different from their beliefs you create confusion in them, and nobody wants to be confused.

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