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Chapter 6: The Christian Propaganda Machine

In Sanskrit, the airplane is called viman, and there are so many descriptions in so many scriptures that they have to be understood. The airplane is described with great detail in the Mahabharata, and perhaps a far better version than we know of yet, because it was not fueled by petrol. It used to have a certain precious stone on top of it, which absorbed the sun’s rays, and through those sun rays the airplane was fueled. That was a far more developed version than our airplanes. We are wasting all the petrol on airplanes, on cars.

In the Mahabharata, which is five thousand years old, it is shown that they had found how to use solar energy. And the Christians go on insisting that “We have civilized the world.”

Socrates was not civilized? Gautam Buddha was not civilized? Lao Tzu was not civilized? Confucius was not civilized?

Even before Jesus Christ was born, three thousand years before, India had discovered the alphabet. China had discovered gunpowder and all kinds of technological devices - before the birth of Jesus, thousands of years before.

In the Mahabharata, all kinds of weapons were used which are not available to our intelligence. We thought they were just mythology - but atomic energy has proved that they were not mythology, they were atomic weapons.

Mahavira was five hundred years before Jesus, and he was the twenty-fourth tirthankara of the Jainas. The first tirthankara of the Jainas, Adinatha, is mentioned in the ancientmost book in the world, the Rigveda, with such deep respect. That was culture.

It was Adinatha who founded Jainism and separated from Hinduism, but the Hindus’ most sacred book does not condemn him, does not criticize him. He criticized everything that the Hindus had believed for centuries. He was against the caste system; he was against Manu and his commandments to the Hindus. He was against the brahmin priests, but still.. This was culture.

In the Rigveda they have very respectfully remembered Adinatha, that he was a unique man, a great man, a man of tremendous understanding: “It does not matter that we don’t agree with each other, but we can respect each other.”

And you say “we” civilized the world! Christians! You don’t know about anything before Jesus Christ.

China was already a civilized country. India was always, for thousands of years before Jesus, absolutely a civilized country.

Christians have to come down from their propaganda machine. What do they know of culture?

In India there flourished hundreds of philosophies, and every philosopher criticized others as severely as possible, but with great respect. It was not a question of criticizing the other philosopher, it was a question of finding the truth - and that is the aim of all thinkers and philosophers and theologians. So you may disagree, but you cannot be disrespectful.

Jainism and Buddhism are the most civilized religions of the world. They have not killed anybody, not a single person, in an effort to convert him.

And the Christian church calls itself the militant church. Military and church.?

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