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Chapter 40: In This Mood of Festivity All Rules Are Put Aside

Now from a snake bite on the feet milk cannot come out. There are only two possibilities. Either Mahavira is filled with milk - a milk bottle! He has no blood because there was no guarantee that the snake will bite only on a certain place. He could have bitten on any other place, so he must be filled with milk. But milk is a different problem. Soon it becomes curd, and then Mahavira must be stinking of curd! And butter may be oozing out from his pores! It is nonsense to make it a fact.

Or another possibility is, a woman can transform blood into milk, but then she has a certain mechanism in her breast. So the other possibility is that Mahavira has breasts all over his body.

But the truth is that it is poetry, and this idiot does not understand poetry. It is simply a way of saying that the man was so full of love - like a mother - that even though the snake is biting him, he cannot give anything else than milk to it.

And snakes love milk very much.

In India there are snake worshippers. Every year they have a certain day for snakes, and snake charmers bring snakes from all over the country and people bring milk. And snakes drink milk so joyously.

So I said, “It is simply poetry, that it is what the snake loves most - milk. Although he gives poison to Mahavira, Mahavira can only give milk to him.”

It is not fact. It cannot be a fact.

And I said, “I challenge this man to prove on what grounds he says it is a fact. I say it is more than fact, it is truth itself. But to say it, you will have to use language in a poetic way, not in the ordinary mundane prose way.”

And when I said to people, “Now, anybody who wants to leave, stand up and leave immediately - because after this I will not allow anybody to stand up and disturb the meeting,” there was such silence, nobody left.

I said in my talk to the people that Mahavira is really two persons. Mahavira is not his name, mahavira means a great warrior. That’s why he is called “Mahavira the Jaina.” Jaina means conqueror, one who has fought with all that was wrong in him and conquered, and is victorious. But he was not always “Jaina.” His original name was Vardhaman. That too is significant because vardhaman means one who is evolving. In that way everybody is a Vardhaman, evolving to higher states.

But the day he achieved, Vardhaman died and Mahavira was born.

That Chitrabhanu was going mad because of what I was saying to the people - and they were his audience for years, and I was just an intruder. Nobody knew me. And he was trying to find something he could criticize. Seeing this, that I am saying Vardhaman and Mahavira are two persons he immediately stood up and he said, “This is wrong. Vardhaman and Mahavira are one person.”

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