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Chapter 23: No Beginning - No End

Generally, people will die within six to eight months. If they live in a very controlled atmosphere they may survive two years at the most. Death is absolutely certain. This disease has happened through homosexuality, and that’s what you are asking in the question: why God has not created, why the ultimate has not created a single foundation, male and male.

The disease has arisen out of homosexuality - one male making love to another male. Something seems to be very much against existence.

Scientists have not yet come to a conclusion about what is causing AIDS, but my understanding is that when a man starts loving another man, the woman within both the men starts dying, because she no longer has any nourishment. She is ignored, she shrinks, and slowly, slowly she dies. And when the woman in you dies, half of you is dead.

You have become only half alive. And the other half was your resistance against diseases, it was your organic support. Now you don’t have any support. You have lost contact with nature’s dialectics - this is the cause of the disease AIDS. The patient becomes vulnerable to all kinds of diseases, he has no resistance; any infection and he will get it. He cannot fight any infection; no medicine can cure him of any infection - he lives almost like a ghost.

I am worried that there are lesbians also, particularly in the West - women loving women. Sooner or later they will bring an even bigger disease than AIDS.

It took a long time for AIDS to happen. Homosexuality must be as old as your religions, because religions are the cause of homosexuality. They forced men to remain as monks separate from women. The women became nuns, but they could not meet the monks, they had to live separately. So homosexuality and lesbianism are both created by your so-called religions. The whole credit goes to your great religions.

But it took thousands of years for AIDS to happen. Perhaps the woman is more strong.she is. Scientifically she is more strong than a man. That’s why lesbianism may take still a few hundred years before a greater disease than AIDS grips women. But it is going to come - you cannot survive against nature. You can go against it. It gives you enough rope, enough freedom. You can use it for your spiritual growth, you can use it to destroy yourself. And what is the problem if the universe functions through polar opposites?

He is also asking.perhaps he thinks that the way men and women make love is ugly, so he is asking if the ultimate could not create some other way for reproduction, for progeny. Anything would cause the same question.

I will tell you a story..

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