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Chapter 6: Either This or That

When you chant a mantra, all the energy used in your thoughts is released to flow into the mantra. Only the mantra remains in your mind; all other avenues of thought are closed, all other outlets for your mental energy are shut off; there is nowhere else for it to flow. Normally when you are thinking your energy flows in countless different currents; one thought travels north, another south, another east, another west. When you think, you travel in many different directions. You are not one, you are not a unity; you are divided. But when you chant a mantra, all the energy begins to flow in one direction.

If we use a lens to make the rays of the sun converge, fire can be created. The fire is hidden in the sunrays, but when they are separate, at the most some heat can be created, not fire. It is when they are concentrated together that the fire appears. In just the same way there is a great fire hidden in your mind, but as long as the rays of the mind are separate there is only a little heat. Mantra is a method to concentrate the rays of your mind together. The moment this happens great heat, a tremendous amount of energy is created.

If you consistently practice a mantra, many phenomena relating to energy and power will begin to happen in your life, and they will provide great nourishment to your ego. Whatever you predict will come true, whatever you describe will happen exactly as you have said; if you curse it will come to pass; if you grant a wish it will come true, because so much energy and power is concentrated in you that your statements begin to materialize. The only reason for their materialization is that when a person can invest great power in the things he says, his words enter directly into the unconscious of the listener - the arrow flies straight to the other’s heart. And when anything reaches to the heart it starts taking effect.

Suppose you say to someone, “Tomorrow morning you will fall sick,” and suppose, in saying this, it is the only thing in you - a mantra; there is nothing else, no other line of thought, no distraction.. If this sentence, “Tomorrow morning you will fall sick,” becomes your mantra, your mind totally full with it, then the moment you say this to someone your words will strike the core of his heart. Now he will be unable to sleep the whole night; he has seen your eyes, heard the tone of your voice, caught your gesture, and his mind is so impressed that there is no way for him to avoid what you have said to him. His mind will keep coming back to this mantra. In his dreams that night he will see you and hear your words, and although his mind will try to argue that nothing is going to happen - “Why fear this man? Nothing is going to happen!” - yet some force will drive him. He is repeating the mantra - your mantra - even in his fighting it. He is bound to fall sick by the morning! Half this sickness is your creation, and half his own.

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