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Chapter 6: Contentment Is a State of Consciousness

The Hindu priest goes on exploiting millions of Hindus in the name of Krishna, in the name of Rama, who cannot be said even to be religious people - there is no question of their being incarnations of God. They have committed everything that is inhuman, ugly. And still Hindus go on worshipping them, because the priest is the mediator between the worshiper and the worshipped - nobody knows whom they are worshipping. The priest knows! The priest pretends to know, and imposes the idea on you that you don’t know, so whatever he says has to be obeyed.

In this twentieth century, in India, if rains are not coming, then all over the country jagnas - fire worship - is arranged. Millions of dollars are wasted to feed the brahmins, to pay their fees, because by their ritual.which is absurd - throwing into the fire valuable food, in a poor country which is starving, and repeating mantras from ten thousand-year-old Vedas.

Nobody understands what those mantras mean. Brahmins have been insisting that they should not be written in any language other than the original Sanskrit, because once they are translated you will laugh; they are stupid. And they have no connection with rain. They cannot persuade the clouds to come; there is no relationship at all.

There are mantras in the Vedas.. A brahmin is praying to God, “This year let your clouds rain only in my field, avoid the fields of my neighbors.” They are praying to God, “My cows should give more milk, and the cow of my enemy should not give any milk.” Great prayers! But in ancient Sanskrit, which is not understood, which has never been used as a language by people.. People have not been allowed to use it. It has never been a living language; it has been the monopoly of the priest.

Out of hundreds of jagnas, rituals, sometimes rains come, and they say, “Look! The Vedas are still significant, they are not outdated. Existence still listens to the prayers.”

But out of hundreds of rituals, ninety percent of the time rains are not going to happen. Then they are always ready to say that something has gone wrong. Mantras have not been chanted as accurately, as exactly as they should be. Brahmins have not been fed, have not been given their fees. Something must have gone wrong in the ritual; God is not happy.

I am reminded that when I was in Pune.. Pune has seen its glorious days: ten thousand sannyasins were always there; all the hotels were packed, business was great. Although they were all against me, they never suspected that I am a very unreliable man. One day suddenly I left Pune.

I live in the moment. I don’t care for the future. For me the present is enough.

Suddenly I called my secretary and told her, “I want to leave this ugly place - dirty, full of lousy people.” Naturally when I left, slowly all the sannyasins left. Now Pune is in ruins.

Just by the Pune commune there was a five-star hotel, the Blue Diamond. Before we reached Pune it was on sale because they were not making money, they were losing. It was a beautiful, big building, but only fifteen percent of the rooms were ever filled. They were not even able to pay the servants, the manager. When we were there, the Blue Diamond was overfull.

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