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Chapter 9: Small Intervals of Light

I have been expelled from Greece - threatened, and under the pressure of the archbishop of Greece, the government had to deport me. The threat was that if I was not deported, all the people who were living with me on the beautiful island of Crete - that place would be dynamited. And fifty persons at least were there with me - all would be burned alive.

The reason? I had not even gone outside the boundary of the house, but the same reason again and again: I would corrupt their morality, I would destroy their religion. Such a fear has prevented people from moving deeper into themselves.

My secretary, Anando, says to me, “You are a bad example for enlightenment. Twenty-one countries are closed for you. One country has poisoned you, jailed you, dragged you into six jails in twelve days without any evidence..”

And they have admitted it now, that there was no direct evidence of any crime, “but we simply wanted the commune to be destroyed.”

One wonders why America should be worried about a small commune which was living in a desert. The nearest village was twenty miles away. We were a self-sufficient commune, and slowly transforming the desert into a beautiful oasis. But the orthodox, fundamentalist Christians became worried. The fear was that young people were moving into the commune from their flock.

And just now the Attorney General of Oregon has made the statement: “We had no reason. And we had put five million dollars into research to find some crime against him.” They have come to India, they have come to Pune, they have been to Bombay. They have even gone to my birthplace, to my university, to the school, to the college - everywhere to find some hint. But they could not, because there was nothing.

I am the laziest man. I cannot commit a crime; it is too much work. If not doing anything is a crime, then I am certainly a criminal. If just being silent, rejoicing into my own aloneness is a crime, then I am certainly a criminal.

But if you behave with every conscious being in such a murderous way, certainly nobody is going to be interested in the very word enlightenment. It will create fear; you will be in unnecessary danger. Of course, only these few enlightened people whom you have killed, or tried to kill, have helped humanity to become a little more conscious.

But people have seen how the masses have behaved with Jesus, how the masses have behaved with Sarmad. The masses have created a barrier for anybody interested in his own consciousness. It has nothing to do with society, it has nothing to do with the crowd. But people are afraid, very much afraid of those who know themselves. They have a certain power, a certain aura and a certain magnetism - a charisma that can take alive, young people out from the traditional imprisonment. And there are so many prisons: Christianity, and Hinduism, and Mohammedanism, and Jainism, and Buddhism.wherever there is an organized religion, it becomes militant.

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