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Chapter 13: The Taste of Now

Now the West has come to a fulfillment - the fulfillment of its ambition. The West has been authentically honest. It has followed a particular path. And when you follow, only then can you know whether it leads to any goal or not.

The East has remained confused. Its leaders have been talking of contentment and the masses have been deceiving themselves. They go on talking about contentment and they continue in discontentment. The East is apparently with Buddha, only apparently; basically it is not with Buddha. The East - when I say “East” I mean the Eastern masses - are just as materialistic as the Western masses, but with a false face, with a mask.

The East is as irreligious as the West, but dishonestly. We go on thinking that we are religious and we are not. So we have been in a ditch, in a deep confusion. We have not moved anywhere, not because of the Upanishads - we have never followed them - we have not moved because we have been on two boats. We have been traveling in two diametrically opposite directions. Our mind goes on talking of spirituality and our heart goes on following materialism.

This is the reason why the East has remained multidimensionally poor - not only physically, economically, but spiritually also - because for any spiritual growth honesty is foundational. It is better to be irreligious than to be falsely religious, because from an honest irreligiousness religion can grow. But from a dishonest religious man there is no possibility of any growth.

So remember this, that the East is not really the East. There have been only a few persons who we can call Eastern. So, really, East and West are not geographical. The division is more subtle. There have been persons in the West who belong to the East; Jesus belongs to the East, Eckhart belongs to the East, Francis belongs to the East, Boehme belongs to the East. They are not Western. And you all belong to the West; you are not Eastern. So East and West are not geographical. East is a certain approach towards life, and West is also a certain approach.

We are materialists unconsciously, so you cannot grow in materialism because growth needs a conscious effort. You cannot grow in materialism because you are not consciously materialistic, and you cannot grow toward higher states of consciousness because you are false, pseudo. This is the confusion, first thing.

Second thing: when we say “acceptance,” what do we mean? When the Upanishads say acceptance is silence, when Buddha says acceptance is happiness, nirvana, what do they mean? Does it mean a death, a stagnation? No, it means only that whatsoever happens, whatsoever is and whatsoever is going to be, we are not against it, we will not fight it. We will flow with it

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