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Chapter 8: When You Are Ready.

And you ask me, “And you say that you are able to help all types, but you also say that you are contradictory on purpose, so that some people will go away. If you are able to help all, why should some need to go away?” Yes, it is how it is. All can be helped through me. When I say all can be helped through me, I don’t mean that all should be helped, because it is not just on my part. It depends on the person who is going to be helped also. It is fifty-fifty. A river flows and I can drink out of it, but should all drink? That is not certain; a few will go away. It may not be the right time for them and nobody can be helped when it is not the right time. Everything happens in its own time.

Some may not be helped because they are closed - and you cannot force, and you cannot be violent. A spiritual phenomenon happens in a deep passivity; when a disciple is passive, only then does it happen. If I find that you are too active on your part, or if I find you are too closed, or I find that this is not the right time for you, the best that can happen is to go away from me, because otherwise you will simply be wasting your time - not mine, because I have no time - you will simply be wasting your time.

Meanwhile, you are being distracted. You should have been somewhere else in the world, in the market. You should have been somewhere else, because there your maturity would have happened. Here you are wasting your time if it is not the right time for you. It is better you go away. You have to move in the world a little while more. You have to live through suffering a little while more. You are not yet ready, not yet ripe, and ripeness is all because a master cannot do anything; he is not a doer. If you are ripe and the master is present, something from the whole flows through the master and reaches you and the ripe fruit falls to the earth. But the unripe fruit will not fall, and it is good that it should not fall.

So when I say I am contradictory, I mean that a certain type of situation is always created, not by me, by the whole through me. So the people who are not ready should not be in any way allowed to waste their time. They have to go and learn the lesson, pass through the suffering of life, attain to a certain maturity, and then come to me. I may not be here - then somebody else will be here. Because it is not a question of me and somebody else; all enlightened persons are the same. If I am not here, if this body is not here, some other body may be functioning for the whole, so there is no hurry. Existence can wait for eternity. But unripe, you cannot be helped.

There are teachers - I don’t call them masters because they are not awakened, they are teachers - who will not allow even an unripe person to go away. They will create all sorts of situations in which the person cannot escape. They are dangerous, because if the person is not ripe they are distracting the person. And if a person is not mature and something is given out of season it will not be creative, it will be destructive.

It is just as if you start teaching a small child about sex. He doesn’t know what it is, and he has no urge yet arisen: you are destroying his mind. Let the thirst arise, let the urge be there; then he will be open, ready to understand.

Spirituality is just like sex. Sex needs a certain maturity; by the fourteenth year of age the child will be ready. His own urge will be there. He will start asking and he would like to know more and more about it. Only then is there a possibility to explain certain things to him.

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