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Chapter 4: When Grapes Are Sour

Love cannot be made. You can be in it or not in it, but there is no way to make it. The English expression is ugly. To “make love” is absurd. How can you make it? If the maker is there, the doer is there, the technician goes on existing. And if you are following some techniques from Masters and Johnson, or Vatsyayana, or some other source, and you are not lost in it, happiness will not happen. When you are lost you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know what you are doing, you are possessed by the whole, the part does not exist separate from the whole.then there is an orgasmic experience. That is what happiness is.

For happiness you will need tremendous intelligence. And I say intelligence, not intellect, knowingly. Intellect you can get from the market, intellect you can get from the books, intellect you can get from the university. Intellect is transferable, intellect is mechanical, intellect is of the biocomputer you call mind. Intelligence is not of the mind, intelligence is of the no-mind - what Zen people call no-mind. Intelligence has nothing to do with information, knowledge; it has only one element and that element is of awareness.

If you are intelligent then your life will be of happiness. Why is intelligence needed? Because life in itself is meaningless. Meaning is not something sitting there and you have just to reach and possess it. Meaning has to be created. People come to me and they ask, “What is the meaning of life?” As if life has any meaning. Life has no meaning - that is the beauty of life. That’s why it is freedom. You are free to create your own meaning and I am free to create my meaning. If life has a meaning then we will all be just slaves and that meaning will not be worth anything. Life is freedom. It does not impose any meaning on you; it simply gives you an opportunity to create your own meaning. The meaning has to be created. It is not like a thing that you can uncover, you will have to become your meaning, you will have to give a rebirth to yourself. That’s why I say much intelligence is needed. Only when you feel meaning in life will you be happy, not before it.

Life has no meaning in itself, you have to bring meaning into it. Life is just raw material, you have to create your meaning out of it. You have to create your “God.” God is not there waiting for you. You have to create it within your heart, within your innermost core of being. Only then will you be happy.

To create meaning you will have to be a creator. Painters paint, create paintings; poets write, create poetry; dancers create dance.but these are all just fragments. A religious person creates himself; the religious person is the greatest artist there is. All other artists are just finding substitutes and one day or other they will become frustrated. You have written many poems, then one day you realize, “What is the point? Why go on writing?” You have painted, then one day suddenly you realize, “What is the point? For whom? For what?” One day you will die and all will be left and will disappear. So what is the point?

Unless you feel a point of immortality in whatsoever you are doing you cannot be happy, and that point of immortality is felt only when you create immortality within yourself.

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