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Chapter 2: There Is Communion

It has to remain vague. It has to remain incomprehensible. You can have only glimpses of it, fleeting glimpses, but you cannot have the whole of prayer in your hands. It can’t be reduced to a simple definition.

Just as science gives definitions, religion cannot give them. You ask science: science is exact. You ask “What is water?” and it says “H20.” So simple! Nothing is left behind H20 - all is said, because water is an object. It can be analyzed.

Prayer is subjectivity. It is not an object that can be analyzed. In fact, you cannot show your prayer to anybody. And if somebody insists that “I don’t see any prayer in you,” you cannot prove it either. It is like love - less like water, more like love. That’s why Jesus says: God is love. Love is also indefinable.

Always remember one thing: there are things below you and there are things above you. Things that are below you, you can be exact about them. Things that are above you, you cannot be exact about them. They are bigger than you. When prayer exists, it is not that prayer exists in you - on the contrary, you exist in prayer. Prayer is higher than you. You just vibrate in that enormous dimension, that plenitude.

But we have been taught, particularly in this century, to be exact about everything. That has destroyed many beautiful values in life, that constant desire to be exact. And if you cannot be exact about something, then the mind tries to deny it.

You cannot be exact about God, so the mind says, “Then God cannot be.” You cannot be exact about love; then the mind says, “Love is just dreaming and nothing else.” You cannot be exact about beauty; then the mind says, “Beauty is just fantasy. It is not a truth.” But then what is left? Then the world is no more beautiful, no more loving, no more good - because there is no more God. Then the world is empty of meaning. Not that the world is empty of meaning, but your mad desire to be exact about everything has made it empty of meaning.

Meaning is a delicate phenomenon. It is like the fragrance of a flower. You cannot catch hold of it in your hands - but it is there, still it is there, whether you can catch hold of it or not, whether you can keep it in a safe deposit or not. It is still there!

How can you define music? If you go to define it, you will destroy it. Then it is just an arrangement of sounds, nothing more. It is noise arranged in such a way that it no more looks noisy. Just a soothing kind of noise. Is that all that there is to music? Music is more than the notes, more than the sum total of notes.

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