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Chapter 5: Happiness Knows No Tomorrow

So when you read the Koran, don’t read it - sing it! Otherwise you will miss, you will miss everything and you will think you have understood everything - because the whole thing is in the music. If the music surrounds you, of the Koran, Bible or Gita, and you have a dancing feeling, your energy is in sheer delight, overflowing, tears, laughter, dancing; if you feel as if a new breeze has entered into your being - then you don’t gather dust.

To read is to know a certain art. It is to get into deep sympathy. It is to get into a sort of participation. It is a great experiment in meditation. But if you read the Gita the same way as you read novels you will miss it. It has layers and layers of depth. Hence, path - every day one has to repeat. It is not a repetition; if you know how to repeat it, it is not a repetition. If you don’t know, then it is a repetition.

Just try it for three months. Read the same book - you can choose any small book - every day. And don’t bring your yesterday to read it: just again fresh as the sun rises in the morning - again fresh as flowers come this morning, again fresh. Just open the Gita again, excited, thrilled. Again read it, again sing it, and see. It reveals a new meaning to you.

It has nothing to do with yesterday and all the yesterdays when you were reading it. It gives you a certain significance today, this moment; but if you bring your yesterdays with you, then you will not be able to read the new meaning. Your mind is already full of meaning. You think you already know. You think you have been reading this book again and again - so what is the point? Then you can go on reading it like a mechanical thing and you can go on thinking a thousand and one other thoughts. Then it is futile. Then it is just boring. Then you will not be rejuvenated by it. You will become dull. That’s why, out of a hundred, ninety-nine religious persons are dull. Their intelligence is not sharp - almost stupid. It is very difficult to find a religious man and not stupid, because they are repeating the same ritual every day - but the wrong is in their minds, not in the rituals. You can do the same thing absolutely new, there is no need to repeat it.

You love a woman, then the woman is new every day. Reading the Gita or Koran is just like a love affair: every day new. Maybe the words are the same, but the same words can carry different meanings. The same words can penetrate into your being from different doors. The same words in a certain moment can have a certain significance which they will not have in any other context. The meaning depends on you, not on the words you read. You bring meaning to the Gita, or Koran, or Bible, not vice versa.

Of course, after twenty-four hours you are more experienced. You have lived life twenty-four hours more. In fact, you are not the same person. The Gita is the same - you are not the same person. After twenty-four hours, how much water has flowed in the Ganges?

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