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Chapter 1: Dropping Out of the Wheel

When you start watching your dreams, you will find five types of dreams happening. The first type of dream is just rubbish, and many thousands of psychoanalysts are just working on that rubbish. It is simply useless. It happens because in the whole day, working the whole day, you gather much rubbish. Just like the body gathers dust and you need a bath, you need a cleaning, in the same way the mind gathers dust. There is no way to give a bath to the mind, so the mind has an automatic mechanism to throw out all dust, rubbish. The dream is nothing but the raising of the dust that mind is throwing out - the first type of dream - and this is the biggest portion of dreams, almost ninety percent. Almost ninety percent of dreams are simply dust being thrown out; don’t pay much attention to them. And by and by, as your awareness will grow, you will be able to see what dust is.

The second type of dream is a sort of wish-fulfillment. There are many needs, natural needs, but the priests and the so-called religious teachers have poisoned your mind. They won’t allow you even to fulfill your basic needs. They have condemned them completely and the condemnation has entered you, so you hunger for many of your needs. Those hungry needs demand fulfillment. The second type of dreaming is nothing but wish-fulfillment. Whatsoever you have denied to your being because of the priests and the poisoners, the mind tries to fulfill it in some way or other in dreams.

Just the other day a young man came - very sensible, very sensitive - and he asked me, “I have come to ask a very significant question, because my whole life depends on it. My parents are forcing me to get married, and I don’t see any meaning in it, so I have come to ask you: ‘Is marriage meaningful or not? Should I move into marriage or not?’”

I told him, “When you feel thirsty, do you ask whether drinking is meaningful or not? Should I drink water or not? The question of meaning doesn’t arise. It is a question of whether you are thirsty or not. Maybe there is no meaning in water and no meaning in drinking, but that is irrelevant. The relevant thing is whether you are thirsty or not. And I know that even if you drink again and again you will become thirsty. So the mind can say, ‘What is the meaning in it, what is the purpose of it? Drinking again and again, and again becoming thirsty? It seems to be just a rut. There seems to be no meaning in it.’”

This is how the conscious mind has been trying to dominate your whole being, because meaning belongs to the conscious mind. The unconscious knows no meaning. It knows hunger, it knows thirst, it knows needs; it knows no meaning. In fact, life has no meaning. If you ask, you are asking for suicide.

Life has no meaning; it simply exists, and exists so beautifully without meaning that there is no need. What is the meaning of a tree existing, or the sun rising every day in the morning, or the moon in the night? What is the meaning when a tree comes into bloom? What is the meaning when the birds sing in the morning, and the stream goes on flowing, and the waves, tremendous waves of the ocean go on shattering on the rocks again and again and again? What is the meaning?

Meaning is not of the whole. The whole exists so beautifully without meaning. In fact, if there was any meaning the whole would not have been so beautiful - because with meaning comes calculation, with meaning comes cunningness, with meaning comes reason, with meaning comes division: this is meaningful, that is meaningless; this is more meaningful, that is less meaningful. The whole exists without any distinctions. Everything is absolutely beautiful not because of any meaning, but just by being there. There is no purpose.

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