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Chapter 19: God Is Not a Utility

A businessman is one who is busy about nonsignificant things, who is busy about the trivial, who is busy about the outside, who is busy about things, commodities, but not about himself. He has completely forgotten himself, he is lost in the world. He thinks of money, possessions, but never of consciousness, because consciousness is not a commodity, it can neither be sold nor purchased, it is useless. A businessman is one who is a utilitarian: poetry is meaningless, religion is meaningless, God is meaningless, because they cannot be converted into salable objects, you cannot earn money through them. And money is the most significant thing for this type. He can sell himself, he can lose himself, he can destroy his whole life, just to accumulate money. This is the first characteristic of the type.

I have heard that two businessmen met in a market. It was the peak of the season, of the year. And one said to the other, “Have you heard that Sheik Fakhruddin, the clothier, died this morning?”

The other said, “What! In the middle of the season?”

Neither life is meaningful, nor death, only the season. His measurement is money, he measures a man with money: how much you have got, not who you are, that is meaningless. If you have money you are significant, if you don’t have money you are nobody. If he pays respect to you, he pays respect to your possessions, never to you. If you lose your possessions he will not even look at you.

Once it happened:

A rich man became poor. He was in misery and he was saying to his wife, “I believed that I had so many friends. Fifty percent of them have already left me, and the other fifty percent do not yet know that I have become poor.”

All of them are going to leave, they were never with you. You cannot have a friendship with a businessman. No, he is only friendly with the money that you have. The moment money is not there, the friendship disappears; it was never with you.

You cannot relate to a businessman, it is impossible: you cannot be a wife, you cannot be a husband, you cannot be a son, you cannot be a father to a businessman, because he relates only to money. Everything else is beside the point, his target is money. If your son starts earning money, the son is valuable; if your father is rich, then he is your father; if he is poor, you would not like people to know that he is your father.

This actually happens every day in life: you will recognize a father who is rich; if he is a poor man or a beggar, you will not recognize him. You recognize only the money. The businessman - the type - cannot love, because love is the most anti-money phenomenon in the world.

Love is concerned with being. Love is a sharing, it is a giving away, not only of what you possess, but of what you are. A businessman can never be a lover, and a businessman always thinks that lovers are a little crazy, they have gone nuts, they are not in their senses, they are doing nonsense. “Why are you wasting your time? Time is money!” That’s what a businessman says.

I have heard about a businessman who purchased one hundred clocks and put them all around his house. Somebody asked, “What are you doing?”

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