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Chapter 14: To Fly Is Your Birthright

The senses are the doors of the mind. For example this microphone placed before me can convey the sound to a tape recorder placed hundreds of miles away. Your senses are like this microphone conveying various types of information to the mind. The five senses are like five doors to the mind. To convey anything that happens in the outside world of light, color and form, the mind has the eyes as its extension on the outside of the body; they go on recording everything like a camera.

Whatsoever happens in the world of sound such as music, words or silence, is caught every moment by the ears. And what is being caught is also being relayed to the mind and the mind accumulates this information. The hands touch, the tongue tastes and the nose smells, and all this is being relayed to the mind.

The five senses are all doors of the mind. There is one more sense, and that is your inner sense. This sense catches whatsoever is happening within you. It is also a sense. Whatsoever is happening within you, for example in the state of samadhi, this inner sense goes on recording all that is happening. Peace? Silence? Bliss? Realization of God? Whatever is happening, it keeps track.

This inner sense is like a microphone that is directed inwards. It is the receptivity of the within. Inside, one sense is enough, five senses are not required there. Outside, five senses are required because there are five basic elements and to record each one a separate sense is required. Inside, there is only one Brahman - five senses are not required, only one sense is enough to register the inner experiences.

Thus man has six senses - five extrovert and one introvert - and mind is the mechanism in between, connected to all of them. Just this one branch goes within and catches all the inner experiences.

Whatsoever is happening within is passed on by this inner sense to the mind. Mind need not go anywhere. Thus when a person returns from samadhi the mind itself hands over all the records to him, that such and such a thing happened when you were not here.

If you leave your tape recorder here and go away, then when you come back after an hour the tape recorder will give you a complete record of all the words spoken here and the various sounds that happened. It is not necessary for a tape recorder to have life. Mind is not consciousness; it is matter, and a subtle mechanism. This mechanism goes on collecting data from either side. Hence a seeker returning from samadhi infers through mind what has happened.

The more clarity of mind, the more authentic the information given by it. The more confused the mind is, the more incorrect the information. For example, if your tape recorder is defective it may record things but the recording will not be clear; the sound will be distorted, mixed up or deformed. Some parts may be clear, some parts may not be.

Hence the mind is first to be purified through right listening, right contemplation and assimilation. When the receptivity of the mind becomes pure, so that it can produce an authentic copy of whatsoever is happening, only then occurs the entry into samadhi.

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