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Chapter 39: From Dawn to Dawn, a Wonder and Surprise

But whenever you create a forced institution, on the side something ugly happens - on the margin, because man cannot remain in bondage. And if marriage becomes a bondage, then he wants some freedom. And that freedom has destroyed millions of women.

In the West recently, because of the women’s liberation movement, a new institution has come into being - male prostitution. If men and women are equal, then why should only women be prostitutes? Why should there not also be men who are prostitutes? In cities like London or San Francisco you will find male prostitutes too. The woman is coming out of bondage, just as man has always lived, but it is ugly. And who is responsible? The priests are the responsible people.

There is no need of priests in the world, they don’t have any function to do. By definition, a priest is a mediator between you and God, but what is the need of a mediator? You are children of God; does a child need a mediator to his own mother or to his own father? Perhaps he may not be so articulate in communication, but even his inarticulate communication is far more beautiful and innocent and real and sincere than a mediator’s.

First the priests created the idea of God. It is one of the most unnecessary hypotheses. Nobody needs God. Yes, everybody needs godliness, everybody needs to become divine - that is the further evolution of humanity, the highest peak of consciousness.

But priests are not interested in godliness, because godliness is a quality that you have to grow within your soul. They need a God far away in the sky. Once you have accepted the idea, then certainly the God is so far away. You have never seen him, you have no conception of what this God is - you need somebody to give you the definition of God, to give you rituals that will lead you to God; you need someone as a guide. God is bogus, but the guide needs God, otherwise who is going to be exploited in the name of God?

In the name of God, more crimes have happened on the earth than in any other name. Millions of people have been killed, burnt alive, just for a name which is contentless. But the priest needs it. Without God, the priest and his temple and his rituals and his scriptures - holy scriptures - all disappear. It is a very strange thing: Hindus think their Vedas are written by God, Jews believe their Torah is written by God, Christians believe the Bible is written by God, and the same is true about all other religions. But all these scriptures are so contradictory that either God is mad, or these are inventions of the priests. And different priests in different cultures, different societies, had to invent different ideas.

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