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Chapter 33: Meditation Is Just Medicinal

Karl Marx has said somewhere that the proletariat have nothing to lose but their chains. I would like to say the same thing to you: man has nothing to lose except his chains, except his slavery, except his bondage, except his misery and hell. You have nothing to lose, don’t be afraid. What have you got to lose? A naked man, afraid of losing his clothes? What have you got to lose?

Move wholeheartedly. Once you move totally into the meditations there will be no problem. Once you have experienced it, once you have tasted the feeling, the freedom, the ecstasy that comes when you are in a total let-go, the fear will disappear forever. Only through freedom can fear disappear. And freedom can come only to a man who is whole, not divided, not divided into fragments.

Why meditate? Why seek?

I don’t say that you should meditate. I don’t insist that you should meditate. It is you who are seeking it. And you have to seek it.

It is just like a man who is ill and asks “Why take medicine?” - because you are ill! If you are not ill, then there is no need. Why seek health? There is no need if you are healthy. But if you are not healthy, then you have to seek health.

Meditation is not meaningful for a buddha. For one who has attained the wholeness of his being, meditation is a medicine, it has to be thrown out. Unless you become capable of throwing out your meditation, you are not healthy. So remember, meditation is not something to be carried forever and ever. The day will come when the meditation has worked and it is no longer needed. Then you can forget it.

People come to me and they ask me “When do you meditate?” Never, I don’t meditate at all - there is no need, because meditation is just medicinal. When you are ill, in conflict, in misery, it is needed.

And you go on asking “Why meditate?” I’m not saying that you should meditate. If you think you are happy, happy with yourself, if you think you have no problems, if you think you have no worries, no anguish, no anxiety, there is no need.

But there is. Everyone has a deep anguish within him, a deep madness within him. And because of that, you ask “Why meditate?” You ask because you are afraid. Through meditation you may lose your madness, your anxiety, your anguish - and you have become so accustomed to it, so habituated to it. The friendship has been going on so long that you will feel very lonely if you become healthy, very lonely. If a person has been living with a headache his whole life and suddenly the headache disappears, he will feel as if he has become headless. Now, he cannot feel his head.

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