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Chapter 15: This Is Not a Place of Entertainment

You are a desert, utterly dry and without any juice, and you are annoyed with me because I am trying to create some oases, some gardens, some people who have juice, some people who are really spiritual - without being against materialism. There is no need; one can be spiritual and use all that matter provides. One can use all that which science and technology produce, for one’s spiritual growth. But they will not listen to me.

You can see here people from all countries.. I am a foreigner in my own country - it is very rare to find an Indian, and if they come, their purposes are not for a spiritual search. A few Indians have come to steal things, a few Indians come to have a lazy life, not doing anything and asking for all the comforts. And they write letters to me that they have come to the ashram just to meditate. We have no objection, you can meditate - but don’t ask for food, and don’t ask for clothes, and don’t ask for a roof, because that is not part of meditation. Just meditate.

And what is your meditation? - because you have come here to meditate, and others have come to make houses for you and bring money for your comforts. You will simply repeat your old idiotic chanting, which is not meditation at all. You cannot participate in my meditations; your inhibitions are such that, because women are also here, you are afraid, trembling inside - it shows your sexuality and sensuality, which are repressed.

A few Indians come because they think that here they can live an uninhibited life and the society will not know about it. But their reasons are never spiritual.

It is a strange phenomenon, but perhaps there is some undercurrent of logical and rational reasoning behind it. Because they have condemned the world for centuries, they have not improved the world, and they have not improved their own richness. The whole country is poor. Fifty percent of the country is going to die by the end of this century, and when five hundred million people die, the remaining ones will not be able to live either. What kind of life will it be when you are surrounded by corpses and there will be no one even to take those corpses to the funeral grounds? And all kinds of diseases will spread. But they will not listen to me.

Thirty-five years ago, I started telling Indian people that it is time they stopped producing so many children. At that time the population of the country was only four hundred million. But I was stoned, my meetings were disturbed, efforts to kill me were made - and they never listened to what I was saying. Now they have doubled the population, more than doubled, and by the end of this century - just thirteen more years - India will have the largest population in the world.

For the first time it will go ahead of China; up to now China has had the largest population, but they have come to their senses and they have started planning. The lowest estimate for India is one billion people, and the highest estimate is one billion and eight hundred million people. It seems to be inconceivable how this country is going to survive at all. It does not need to explode any nuclear bombs, it will destroy itself by producing more children.

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