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Chapter 10: You Are a Mystery

Concentration means concentrating on one thing. Meditation is not a concentration, it is an absolutely de-concentrated state of consciousness - it is just the opposite. When you concentrate there is a tension, you start focusing, there is effort. And when you concentrate on one thing then other things are denied, then you are closed for other things. If you concentrate on me, then what will you do with this plane passing by, and the noise? Then you will close your mind to it, you will focus on me, you will become strained because you have to deny this roaring airplane. You have to close your mind to it; then your mind is not open. A bird starts singing - what will you do? You will have to close yourself. That’s what is being taught in the schools and the colleges and the universities. It is concentration.

Meditation is not concentration, it is just openness, alertness, presence. You are listening to me, but you are not listening to me exclusively. You are simply listening. And the airplane goes roaring by - you listen to that too. And the bird starts singing, and you listen to that too. And there is no division; you don’t choose. All that happens in the surroundings is accepted: it becomes part of your listening to me. Your listening is not exclusive, it is inclusive of all.

So concentration is not meditation. Then the word meditation itself is not meditation, because in meditation somebody meditates on Jesus, somebody meditates on the Bible, somebody meditates on God. Again it is not meditation. If there is a God as an object and Jesus as an object, then there is a distinction between the knower and the known: there is duality. And in duality there is conflict, and in conflict there is misery. In non-duality conflict disappears; and when conflict disappears, hell disappears. Then there is joy.

So meditation is not “meditating upon something,” meditation simply means a different quality of your inner being. In thinking your mind goes on weaving, spinning thoughts. In meditation your mind is simply silent, utterly silent, not doing anything at all - not even meditating! Not doing anything at all. Sitting silently, doing nothing.and the grass grows by itself. The spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. Meditation is a natural state of silence. It is not contemplation either.

In contemplation you think about “high thoughts,” spiritual things - not about mundane things, not about the market, not about the family, but high values, truth, beauty, bliss. But you contemplate on these. You try to think about these high values of life - then it is contemplation.

But meditation is not even that. Meditation is a state of stillness. And this state of stillness has not to be forced, because it cannot be forced. If you force it, it will not be the right stillness. If you force it, you will be there forcing it; it will not be natural, it will not be spontaneous. So what has to be done?

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