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Chapter 27: Harmony Is Your Reality

Rinzai said, “What is meditation.what is a roseflower? A roseflower is a roseflower. You can see it dancing in the wind and in the rain and in the sun. You can enjoy its dance, you can enjoy its fragrance, its beauty, but what is a roseflower? Don’t ask such stupid questions.”

He said, “But I have come from so far, with great expectations.just a little more, so that I can understand what meditation is.”

So Rinzai wrote with capital letters: MEDITATION.

The man said, “Does it make any difference whether you write in small letters or you write in capital letters?”

Rinzai said, “You are only concerned with your difficulty. You are not concerned with my difficulty. Even writing it as meditation, I am committing a crime against meditation itself, because it is an experience, not an explanation.”

“It is the flower of silence. It cannot be contained in words. Even the word meditation is just utilitarian. People ask and feel annoyed if they are not answered, so we answer, but all our answers are wrong.”

“The moment we transform the experience into an explanation, something goes wrong. It is a wordless state of being. If you really want to know it, you sit with me; you be with me for a few days. Perhaps my silence may affect you, because it is contagious.”

Don’t ask what treasure you have discovered. You have discovered only the door; you have not even entered into the temple yet. But you are on the right path and you are going in the right direction.

If you don’t allow greed, if you don’t start expecting it to happen every day, according to your desires, you will discover the treasure too. It is inside you.

“Is this what you call meditation?” Just the beginning.. Meditation is when mind is no more at all. Meditation is a state of no-mind. Your mind has not dissolved; it was watching, standing by the corner. And it is your mind which is inquiring about what has happened. It is not the business of the mind.

Mind is meant for outward things, for objective reality. In science it is perfectly in its right place, but in religion, in your interiority, in your subjectivity it has no place at all.

“And will it be easy to find it again?” It all depends on you. If you don’t try to find it again, it will be very easy. If you try to find it again, you will make it more and more difficult. The more you try, the less is the possibility.

The American idea of “try and try and try again” will not help. It is good for the outside world; for the inside world, don’t try. Just wait, and wait with patience. If it happens, feel grateful. If it does not happen, don’t feel sad.

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