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Chapter 6: Paths Are Different, the Goal One

And growth takes care of itself. It comes of its own accord; it is not that you have to grow. You have to accept whatsoever you are and the growth follows. Seek it and you will miss. Allow it and it is always there, available. Nothing is needed; you are accepted as you are and existence doesn’t ask for any proof. In the very first place it has accepted you, that’s why you are; otherwise you would not have been.

And to look at existence in such a way that you feel at ease and at home is all that religion is about. So you go without anxiety.... Good.


You asked me to do the meditations and to tell you which one was taking me deep. To me they are all the same. They are all like playing games, and I like them. But the only thing I think is taking me deep is you.

Right, that too is right. Good. Very few people find all the meditations are good. But if you really understand then all the meditations are the same. They are different doors to the same temple, mm?

And that second understanding is also true; that’s very good. So play and enjoy. Don’t be serious, just take them as fun - the less serious the better. When you are just playing, many more things happen to you.

I have heard about one musician who was very sad and was just sitting by his piano playing idly. Suddenly he struck the chord for which he had been waiting his whole life. It was tremendously beautiful; he was transformed to another world.

Then he tried again and again but the same chord wouldn’t come back, he couldn’t create the same harmony. He tried for months and almost became mad, but he went on missing. Then he dropped all effort, and one day after a few months, once again he was sitting and playing in a not very serious mood - and again it was there!

Then he knew the secret: that that which is beyond comes to you only when you are not trying to grab it, not trying to manipulate it. Because it is so vast it is uncontrollable. It comes only as a surprise.

So play and take everything as fun. The whole point is to delight in it, mm? Then many things happen. It has been good. I am happy!


You asked me last week to tell you about the meditations. They are all powerful. I have been depressed sometimes, and very happy other times, and it goes on and on(.

Meditation stirs many things. It stirs your happiness and your sadness too. Sometimes you are thrown in a valley of darkness - sad and depressed. Sometimes you are raised to the clouds. It is good, allow it and whatsoever happens accept it.

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