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Chapter 24: The Key to Unawareness: Keep Thinking

She signed a newspaper advertisement in favor of abortion. The newspaper had asked those who were in favor to sign and send the advertisement back to the newspaper, so they could say that not all Christians are against abortion. Sister Judith signed it - and that is a great sin.

The woman worked her whole life, served thousands of women, is respected all over California, and she understands the problems of women - abortion, children, orphans - more than those idiots who have expelled her from the church. Not only have they expelled her from the church, they have prevented her from entering the shelter that she has made for poor women, suffering women. She is not allowed to enter the church, the shelter, and she is no longer a nun. Nobody bothers even that what she was doing was humanitarian.

More population means more problems - and you are not able to solve the problems that are present. Each child brings thousands of problems with him. Already more people have arrived on the earth than the earth can support. Even countries like America have problems which should have disappeared from the world long before - what to say about the third world, the poor world? Africa, Latin America, Asia: what to say of those countries?

In America there are thirty-five million illiterate adults. In the twentieth century, in the richest country of the world technologically, scientifically, culturally - in every way on the top - thirty-five million adults are still uneducated, they can’t read a newspaper. And you go on bringing people. You cannot solve simple problems - and there are complicated problems.

In the gas explosion in Bhopal thousands died. All the women that were pregnant and did not die, now have started giving birth to children. Thousands of children are coming out of the womb dead or crippled or blind or retarded. A few which are born alive die within six weeks. The physicians and the scientists did not think that the gas was going to affect the fetus so dangerously.

And this was only a small explosion. When your nuclear explosions and atomic explosions start happening, how they are going to affect you is unimaginable. And it will not affect only you; it will affect all the generations that follow you. It will affect the whole future of humanity.

Who is creating these problems? The mind. The same mind can solve them.

So when I say Ayatollah Khomeini and Albert Einstein belong to the same line.if you think that Albert Einstein is also like Ayatollah Khomeini you will get only a shock. But if you also think that Ayatollah Khomeini has the capacity to be an Albert Einstein then you will be excited like me.

But I have talked only about the pyramid of the mind. I have not talked about people who have dropped out of the mind, I have not talked about the meditators. They are qualitatively different from both.

A man of meditation is as far away from Ayatollah Khomeini as he is from Albert Einstein, because he is far away from mind itself.

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