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Chapter 1: Everybody Can Be a Mystic

One European prime minister was going to come to see Khajuraho, and one of my friends was the education minister of the state in which Khajuraho is. And the prime minister of India informed the education minister, “I am busy and I cannot come; otherwise I would have come with the guest to show him Khajuraho. So it is your responsibility, because you are the most educated minister in your state, to take him to Khajuraho.”

He was my friend; he phoned me and he said, “I am very much ashamed that Khajuraho is such an embarrassing place. And when outsiders come who have seen only churches in the name of religion, they cannot believe that this is a temple, a holy place. And I, myself, feel guilty, so I cannot explain and I don’t know what to explain.”

I said, “I will come.” I went there with the guest and the education minister - and he was just shrinking in himself, because you cannot conceive of any possible loving posture that is not carved.in such beauty, such tremendous beauty that it is almost as if the stones have become alive. It seems the woman is just going to come out of the wall in which the statue is carved. So alive.

The education minister remained outside and I took the guest in. He was amazed with the beauty, that bodies can be made so beautifully in stone, can give such life to the stone, such warmth. He had never thought that such a thing exists anywhere in the world. And I explained to him, “These are on the outer side of the temple, and you should note one point - that inside the temple there is no sculpture, no statues; just absolute silence.”

He said, “This is a revelation! This is strange; statues should be inside the temple. Why are they outside and inside there is nothing, just silence?”

I said to him, “These temples were made by the greatest psychologists that have appeared on the earth, some three thousand years ago.” They were called tantrikas; their whole approach was called Tantra. The very word tantra means expanding consciousness. They had made these beautiful temples all around the country.

Mohammedans have destroyed them; it was just fortunate that these were in a thick forest, hidden. And only meditators used to go there; there was no village surrounding the temples. By fortunate coincidence they were saved.

I told him, “The secret is, Tantra believes unless you have gone through all sexual experiences to the point when sex does not matter to you at all.that is transcendence of your energy. And that is the point when you are capable of entering into the inner sanctum of the temple. You are ready for the nothingness of Gautam Buddha; you are ready for pure silence.”

So meditators used to meditate for months on those statues. And it is a great strategy, because looking at all those statues, a moment comes.something in your unconscious disappears. Not just looking - once it was months of training, sometimes years of training. But they were not allowed inside the temple until they became uninterested in these sexual scriptures. When their master saw that somebody had become completely uninterested - even sitting before the most beautiful woman he was sitting with closed eyes - then he was allowed to enter into the temple.

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