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Chapter 3: Falling Upwards

Ten percent of children are born left-handed: out of ten, one person is left-handed. You may not be able to find so many left-handed people, because from the very beginning we start forcing them to write with their right hand, to do things with the right hand. This is destroying a minority. This is very oppressive, because the person who is born left-handed has to be left-handed if he is ever to be an authentic person. He will become phony. You will force him to use the right hand and because all are rightists: the teacher, the parents, other students in the school, he will feel guilty if he uses the left hand. He is doing something wrong.

He is not doing anything wrong, he is naturally a leftist. He has the capacity to become a poet. He has the capacity to become an intuitive person. He may develop prophetic powers. He may be able to read other people’s thoughts. One day he may be able to become a great hypnotic medium. He may even be able to have power of mind over matter. He has immense capacities but he is crushed.

Society forces him to shift to his right hand. The right hand is his weak hand. He will live a very weak life: unfertile, uncreative. He might have become a great seer; now he will live just as a third-rate mathematician. The person might have been a first-rate poet, a musician, or a painter; now he will be just a third-rate clerk in some office: a stationmaster, a deputy collector, or a politician - something third-rate. You have been very, very violent with him.

These two hemispheres are very slightly bridged, a little communication happens ordinarily. The more one becomes integrated the deeper the communication that starts happening between these two hemispheres. In a buddha those two hemispheres become one. He is as logical as one can be and as loving as one can be.

The left hemisphere, which is connected to the right hand, is under the law of necessity. And the right hemisphere, which is connected to the left hand, is under the law of power. And if both these laws become one, Logos arises, Dharma arises, Tao, Torah, arises: the ultimate law, the law of laws. Then the man has a tremendous beauty and grace. He is the meeting of the earth and the sky, of man and woman; he is the meeting of all that is divided in existence. And in that meeting, godliness is known.

All the secret methods of all the mystery schools are nothing but alchemical processes to create a bridge between these two hemispheres, to bring them so close, so utterly close, that they almost become one. When logic functions as love and love functions as logic, you have attained to the highest peak. At that peak ecstasy simply happens - just as when spring comes, flowers start blossoming. When that synthesis, that spring has happened in your inner world, you have come home, you have attained the one, the whole. You have become holy.

Something is happening to you, as something is happening to all of my sannyasins. In those who are really close to me - those who are not just “formally” sannyasins, those who are really in love with me, those who have really said a yes to me, without any no hiding behind it - this synthesis is happening. East and West are meeting, the sky and the earth are meeting; mind and matter are meeting.

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