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Chapter 9: Intrinsic Imperfection

Now the new generation is uncommitted. They would like to be in love, related, but they don’t want to make a commitment. Unless you make a commitment, love remains casual: two surfaces meet, or in fact pretend to meet. Two persons remain two: two circles with just their peripheries meeting, there is no overlapping. This is my definition: if there is only a superficial touch it is a casual relationship - two strangers meet for the time being, and tomorrow morning they go on their own way. They don’t care about each other in any way. They use the opportunity and then move. They use the other as a means. The other is not an end, not of value in himself.

But when two circles overlap, love arises. Then you are part of your lover and your lover is part of you. You penetrate each other; you get involved, entangled - then your beings are hooked. Depth meets with depth, and then it is no longer casual; it takes a different dimension. Now if your lover goes away, something from your depth will be missing: you will miss a part of you.

It is beautiful. Keep that part like a shrine, pure and virgin. Once you start celebrating this overlapping of beings - that’s what love is - then by and by more and more overlapping happens. There is overlapping, but there are still two different centers. Sometimes, in rare moments, there will be a jump as if two flames jump and become one. In those rare moments the two centers are not two. It is not simply overlapping; the two circles fit exactly over each other.

If you ask me, that’s what I call love-making: not two bodies on each other, but two beings on each other. There is a rhythm in which both are lost, and something greater than both of them surrounds them. These are the rare moments. I call these moments prayer.

The first is just a sexual contact - two peripheries meeting. The second is love - two centers meeting. And when there are no circles, or when the two circles have become one and the centers are one, there arises prayer. Prayer is the highest function of love, sex is the lowest, and love is just in the middle. You can fall down and become sexual, or you can rise and become religious.

So remember that the mind is addicted to wavering. With no wavering you will enjoy more and more. More and more you will become relaxed, calm and quiet. A certain coolness will settle within; nothing can distract it, nothing can disturb it. One becomes a cool pool of energy.


I feel that every time I come, I come with the same question but I give it a different shape.

It is bound to be the same because it comes out of your mind, and the mind is a repetition. It is never original, and cannot be by its very nature. It will go on repeating the same thing again and again, of course in different words - that’s the delusion mind creates, as if a new question has arisen.

But still, ask.

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