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Chapter 19: I Am a Very Practical Man

But my physician is one of the most intelligent physicians. He is the youngest man who has ever been accepted in the Royal Society of Physicians in England as their member. He has the highest qualifications possible. He felt immediately that this is a certain poison which is undetectable - but nobody will listen to him! Even other doctors in the medical center looked and they could not find any poison in his blood, no indication that he has been poisoned. And while he was resting in the care home in the hospital, Sheela’s nurse injected him again with the poison and he went through the same agony, the same trouble, the same sickness and the doctors could not diagnose it either that there is any sickness.

Third time while I was speaking, ten thousand sannyasins were there, and one of Sheela’s.inner circle members injected him - in the meeting, while he was attentively looking at me, listening, she simply injected him from behind. Feeling the prick he just looked and he saw the woman, disappearing in the crowd. He pulled his robes, showed to the people - there was blood, and there was the mark of the needle and there was an eyewitness who has confessed before the police that “That woman, Shanti Bhadra, has injected the needle - I have seen it with my own eyes.” And that was my physician’s suspicion because he saw her disappearing in the crowd.

Twenty people have escaped with Sheela; Shanti Bhadra is one of them. If she was not guilty there was no reason to escape. Only the group who had committed any crime has escaped. So for poisoning now we have an eyewitness, and when Sheela left, in her room, we found - the police has taken all the evidences - books on poison. Now what she has to do with books on poison? How to murder people, how to make bombs. And they have found chemicals and other elements which are needed to make bombs. And the book on the poisons has all kinds of poisons described, and only one poison is underlined - that is the poison that my physician was continuously telling that that is the only poison that is undetectable - and it is in the description of the poison, that it is undetectable. It will not kill the person, but it will go on weakening him.

You go on giving.within six months, the person will die a natural death. You cannot be caught because the poison is undetectable. And the person will not die immediately - suddenly - so nobody can suspect; he will simply go on becoming weaker and one day he will die. You have just to go on giving at certain periods. And it can be given in food, it can be given in tea, in coffee, it can be injected, it can be given in water.

She was planning to make bombs, because she told one of the pilots who is back now and has given his testimony to the police, that he was asked to carry a whole, whole plane load of bombs and other explosives, and crash the plane on the county office and destroy it completely, “And before the plane crashes, you jump out in a parachute, so you save yourself, but you destroy the whole county office - and all the people working there.”

And the pilot could not think that it will not only destroy the county office; it will destroy many other houses by the both sides. So much explosives, so many bombs - the fire will be simply wild, uncontrollable. He refused. Because he refused, immediately he was sent to Germany, to a commune that “You are needed there.” And he was not needed there because there was no airport in the commune, no airplane - what need of a pilot? But he had to be removed from here, fearing that he may start telling others. He was not one of the group.

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