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Chapter 2: Seeing Life As It Is

In her last birth she died at the age of forty, and previous to that birth she had been born in a village somewhere in Assam. Then she had died at the age of seven. She could not give the village name, nor any address, but she could speak as much of the Assamese language as a seven-year-old child could. Also, she could dance and sing like a seven-year-old Assamese girl could. Many inquiries were made, but her family from that life could not be traced.

The girl has a past-life experience of forty-seven years plus twelve years of this life. You can see in her eyes the resemblance to a sixty or sixty-five-year-old woman, although she is actually only twelve years old. She cannot play with children of her own age because she feels psychologically that old. Within her she carries the memory of fifty-nine years; she feels inside like a sixty or seventy-year-old woman. She cannot go to school because, although she is twelve, she can easily look upon her teacher as her son. So even though her body is twelve years old, her mind and personality are those of a seventy-year-old woman. She cannot play and frolic like a child; she is only interested in the kinds of serious things old women talk about. She is in agony; she is filled with tension. Her body and mind are not in harmony because her body is of twelve years and her memory is of sixty years. She is in a very sad and painful state.

I advised her parents to bring the girl to me, and to let me help her forget the memories of her past lives. Just as there is a method to revive memories, there is also a way to forget them. But her parents were enjoying the whole affair! Crowds of people came to see the girl; they began to worship her. The parents were not interested in having her forget the past. I warned them the girl would go mad, but they turned a deaf ear. Today she is on the verge of insanity, because she cannot bear the weight of so many memories. Another problem is how to get her married? She finds it difficult to conceive of marriage when, in fact, she feels like an old woman of sixty or seventy. There is no harmony of any kind within her; her body is young but the mind is old. It is a very difficult situation.

But this was an accident. You can also break open the passage with an experiment. But it is not necessary to go in that direction; however, those who still wish to pursue it can experiment. But before moving into the experiment it is essential they go through deep meditation so their minds can become so silent and strong that when the flood of memories breaks upon them, they can simply watch it as a witness. When a man grows into being a witness, past lives appear to be no more than dreams to him. Then he is not tormented by the memories; now they mean nothing more than dreams.