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Chapter 32: A Little Bit off the Track

And this is true of all religions. They have committed a crime for which they are going to pay, and pay highly. They have destroyed half of humanity and its intelligence and its possibility of growth.

Anando is an intelligent woman. Somehow she has escaped from the trap, and all intelligent people are so individualistic that the crowd thinks that something is wrong with them, particularly about a woman.

In the first place, she is not expected to be intelligent; in the second place, she is not allowed to be a cuckoo, and Anando is both! And I love cuckoos, because cuckoos will reach enlightenment before anybody else. And a man or woman who does not have something eccentric in them is not interesting. They are too flat, too boring. A small eccentricity makes people more juicy.

So Anando, there is no need to be worried. There is no leak, and it is not just a temporary lapse either - you are a permanent cuckoo. But this is not going to hinder anything. It is going to help your growth immensely.

This communion is of outsiders. This is not a gathering of commonsense people. All commonsense people are against me. To be with me you need some uncommon sense, only then you can understand me.

Memory one day has to go completely. If it is disappearing, it is a good sign. To be clean of memory means to be clean of past, and to be clean of past is to be absolutely open and available to the future. Memory is not of the future, memory is of the past; it is always a graveyard. And the future belongs to life, to intelligence, to silence, to meditativeness. It does not belong to memory.

Once a man becomes enlightened he does not function out of memory, he functions spontaneously. And even on the path toward enlightenment, slowly, slowly spontaneity goes on replacing memory. Memory is the way of the unintelligent man. One who cannot respond to reality immediately, needs a memory system so that he can remember old answers, old situations - what he has done before. But then his response is no longer a response, it becomes a reaction. And all reactions fall short of the situation that is ahead of you, because the situation is continuously changing and the answers in your memory don’t change. They are just dead commodities, they remain the same.

That’s why, as a person grows old, he finds himself getting out of touch with the new generation that is growing. The fault is not of the new generation, the fault is of the old man who has nothing but memory, and memory belongs to the past and the past is no longer there. The new generation is more responsive to the present - that creates the gap. The old generation always wants old answers, old scriptures, old saints; the older they are the more true.

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