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Chapter 11: Just Don’t Be a Polack!

Confucius was asked by his most significant disciple, Mencius, “What will happen after death?”

Confucius said, “Don’t waste time. When you are in your grave, lie down and think over it, but why bother now?”

So many people in their graves are thinking! You will think that there seems to be no problem. In every cemetery - and there are millions of cemeteries - people are simply lying. They don’t even get up to inquire, “What has happened, what is the news today?” They don’t even change sides. They are so relaxed.

And when people die, others close their eyes out of fear: “The poor people will go on seeing in the grave.” It makes you afraid that thousands of people in their graves are looking - “Close their eyes.”

I had one distant aunt who was unique because she slept with one eye open. She had to, because that one eye was false. But whenever she used to come to our family I would frighten people. Whenever she would go to sleep I would take them and say, “Look, this is what happens: even when she is alive one eye is open. In death you try to close people’s eyes, but don’t believe it.they will open their eyes and they will look all around, ‘What is happening?’“

Fear of what will happen when you die is unnecessary. Whatever will happen will happen - and anyway you cannot do anything beforehand. You don’t know so there is no question of doing some homework, getting ready for the kind of questions you will be asked or what kind of people you will meet, learning their manners, their language.We don’t know anything; there is no need to worry. Don’t waste time.

But it is fear, fear that something is going to happen. After death - and you will be so alone; even if you call from your grave nobody is going to listen. People close the grave completely just out of fear. If you leave some window open and dead people start looking from there, they would make anybody afraid!

Just now I have heard that there is a new phenomenon in America called The Couch Potato Movement..

It was created for people who sit at home all day and watch TV. It was started in nineteen eighty-two, but has recently become a great phenomenon: the home-video revolution. The Couch Potato Movement has published two books: The Official Couch Potato Handbook and The Couch Potato Guide To Life. It also has a newsletter The Tuber’s Voice with a circulation of eight thousand.

Mr. Armstrong, the founder of the movement is spreading the Couch Potato gospel: “We feel that watching TV is an indigenous American form of meditation.” He says, “We call it Transcendental Vegetation.”

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