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Chapter 17: Session 17

Gudia just said as I was coming in, on hearing that Ajit had become enlightened, “It is strange, enlightenment is popping up everywhere.” It has to pop up everywhere, that’s my work. And those one thousand and one people are almost ready to pop at any moment. Just a little breeze and the flower opens.or the first ray of the sun and the bud opens her heart to it - just anything. Now, what was it that helped Ajit?

In these twenty years that I have known him, I have always been loving toward him. I have never hit him - there has never been a need. Even before I said anything to him, he received it already. Before saying, he heard it. In these twenty years he has been following me as closely as it is possible. He is my Mahakashyapa.

What caused the thing last night? It was just because he had been thinking of me every moment. The moment he saw me, all that thinking disappeared - and that was the only thinking that had been surrounding him, like a cloud. And I don’t think that he understood the exact meaning of his words! It takes time. And the words come so suddenly. He just said, as if in spite of himself, “I had never expected, Osho, that I would be able to make it.”

I said, “Don’t be worried. I was always certain it was going to happen sooner or later, but it was going to happen.”

He looked a little puzzled. He was talking about coming and I was talking about happening. Then, just as if a window opened and you see - just like that - a window opened and he saw. He touched my feet with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. To see tears and smiles mixing and merging is beautiful. It is an experience in itself.

Because of Ajit Saraswati I could not complete the story that I had begun. He had been, somehow, just around the corner for so long that I had become accustomed to him. You remember that day when I was talking of Ajit Mukherjee, the famous Tantra writer, the author of Tantra Art and Tantra Paintings? I said - and you can check your notes.when I said “Ajit” I could not say “Mukherjee”.to me “Ajit” has always meant “Ajit Saraswati.” So when I talked about Ajit Mukherjee, first I said “Ajit Sarasw.” then I corrected myself. I had started to say “Saraswati” and got as far as “Sarasw.” then said, “Mukherjee.”

He has been, without interfering in any way, present, just around the corner, waiting, only waiting. Such trust is rare, although with me there are thousands of sannyasins with the same kind of reverence. Knowing it or not, that does not matter; what matters is the presence of reverence.

Ajit Saraswati has a Hindu background, so naturally it is easier for him to have that kind of reverence, trust. But he was educated in the West, perhaps that is why he could come close to me. A Hindu background and a Western scientific mind. having these two things together is a rare phenomenon, and he is a unique man.

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