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Chapter 1: The Security of Insecurity

A man was brought to the caliph, because the man had declared that he was the new messenger of God. The caliph was irritated, annoyed, and he said, “You must be mad, because Mohammed is the last messenger of God and there is not going to be anybody else. The message has arrived in the Koran. Yes, before Mohammed there had been other messages, but all those messages were fragmentary because man was not ready and ripe. Mohammed has brought the full message; now there is not going to be any other messenger in the world. Bring yourself to your senses; otherwise you will have to suffer for it!”

The man was thrown into prison for seven days, tortured, beaten, starved. After seven days the caliph arrived. The man was bound to a pillar, bruised, wounded. The caliph said, “Now you must have come to your senses. What do you say now?”

The man laughed and he said, “All the torture and all the suffering that have been imposed upon me simply prove that I am really the messenger, because when God was sending me to the world he warned me: ‘My messengers have always been tortured.’ And I was doubting; I was wondering why people were not torturing me if I am the real messenger. You have proved it! God was right, there was no need to doubt.”

The caliph was at a loss - what to say to this madman? But suddenly another man who was also bound to a pillar started laughing hysterically. The caliph asked him, “Why are you laughing?”

The man said, “This guy is a cheat, because I am God myself, and I have never sent this man to the world as my messenger!”

That man had been imprisoned one month before, declaring himself God.

Mohammedans are very fanatic; they can’t allow - sometimes even when it is the truth. When al-Hillaj Mansoor declared, “Ana’l haq! - I am God himself!” it was a truth, he was not dreaming. But he was crucified. When Sarmad, another Sufi mystic, declared, “I am God!” his head was cut off. And these people were not dreaming. But it is very difficult from the outside to decide who is dreaming, who has gone mad, who is imagining, and who is declaring the truth. Because sometimes the dreamer believes in his dream, believes absolutely, so belief cannot prove anything. It may be just an ego trip.

The last deception that the mind can play on you is to say to you, “Why are you unnecessarily bothering? You are a buddha!” And I want you to be aware of it, because this is going to happen to many people. People can believe anything.

Just the other day a man wrote a letter to me saying, “I want to become a sannyasin, but I am a little afraid because I know that I am a Judas and I will prove to be a Judas to you.” People can believe they are Christ, they can believe they are Judas. And he must believe it really deeply.

I have sent him a message: “You can become a sannyasin. I already have many other Judases, so what difference does it make? One more is welcome.” Jesus had only one Judas: I have many, and it is better to have many - one can prove more dangerous. If you have many Judases, first they will have to compete with each other. Their energies will be wasted among themselves. They will fight with each other; they will betray each other first. And Judas could betray Jesus because Jesus had only twelve disciples; I have one hundred thousand disciples.

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