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Chapter 11: Not Mind, Not Buddha, Not Things

He missed. The greatest opportunity! He may be still wandering somewhere in search of “What is truth?” On that day truth was standing before him. Could he be silent for a moment? Could he be in the presence of Jesus, not asking? just looking, watching, waiting? Could he imbibe Jesus a little? Could he allow Jesus to work upon him? The opportunity was there - and Jesus indicated it. But Pontius Pilate missed.

Intellect will always miss the teaching of the awakened ones, because intellect believes in the direct way, and you cannot hit truth in such a direct way. It is a very subtle phenomenon, delicate, the most delicate possible; you have to move very cautiously, you have to move very indirectly. You have to feel it - it comes through the heart, it never comes through the head. Teaching comes through the head, learning happens through the heart.

Remember my emphasis. It is not the master who teaches, it is the disciple who learns. It is up to you - to learn or not to learn; it is not up to me to teach or not to teach. A master cannot help himself: because of the way he is, he goes on teaching. His every moment, his every breath is a teaching, his whole being is a teaching, a message. The message is not different from the master. If it is different then the master is simply a teacher, not a master; then he is repeating words of others. Then he is not awakened himself, then he has a borrowed knowledge; inside he remains as ignorant as the student. There is no difference in their being, they differ in their knowledge.

A teacher and a student are on the same level as far as their being is concerned; as far as their knowledge is concerned they are different: the teacher knows more, the student knows less. Some day the student will know more, he himself will become a teacher, he can even come to know more than the teacher - because it is the horizontal line of accumulation. If you accumulate more knowledge, information, you can become a teacher, but not a master.

A master is truth. He does not know about truth, he has become it, so he cannot help himself. It is not a question of to teach or not to teach, it is not a choice. Even if he is fast asleep, he goes on teaching. Buddha fast asleep - you simply sit near him, you can learn much; you can even become enlightened, because the way he sleeps is totally different. The quality differs because the being differs. Buddha eating - you just watch, and he is giving a message. The message is not separate, that’s why I say he cannot help himself. He is the message.

You cannot ask the question, “What is truth?” Anyway, he will not answer you directly. He may laugh or he may offer you a cup of tea, or he may hold your hand and sit silently, or he may take you for a morning walk into the woods, or he may say, “Look! This mountain is beautiful!” But whatsoever he is doing is an indirect way of indicating, indicating towards his being.

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