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Chapter 19: Meditation: The Science of Awareness

But, except that, you will find all kinds of postures, because in India sexology has existed for at least five thousand years. The oldest sexual scripture is five thousand years old - Vatsyayana’s Kamasutras. And at the time of Vatsyayana, writing sutras on sex - kama means sex - maxims for sex, guidelines for sex, was not thought to be a bad act; Vatsyayana is respected as one of the great seers of India, and it is said that only a seer like Vatsyayana could have given those beautiful sutras. They reveal the intricacies and the mysteries of the energy of sex, and how it can be transformed.

These temples in Khajuraho have, on the outer side, beautiful women, beautiful men, and all in love postures. Inside there are no love postures. Inside you will find the temple empty, not even a statue of God. The idea is that unless you pass through your sexuality with full awareness, in all its phases, in all its dimensions - unless you come to a point when sex has no meaning for you, only then you enter the temple. Otherwise you are outside the temple, your interest is there.

So that was a symbol that if you are still interested in sex, then the temple is not for you. But the message is not against sex; it is the outer wall of the temple, the temple is made of it, and you have to pass through the door and go beyond. And the beyond is nothing but utter emptiness.

How many artists, craftsmen, sculptors, were employed to create one thousand temples, a whole city of temples, how many years it took! - and this is not only one place: there is Ajanta, a group of caves which Buddhists created. The whole mountain.for miles they have carved caves inside the mountain. And inside the caves you will find tremendous work of art, everything is beautiful. Buddha’s whole life in stone.. The first cave you enter, and you find the birth of Buddha. And those are not small caves; each cave is at least four times bigger than this room. They have been carved in solid stone.

The whole life of Buddha slowly unfolds in each cave, and in the last cave Buddha is sleeping. The statue must be as long as this room. It is the last moment of his life, when he asked his disciples, “If you have to ask any questions, ask me; otherwise I am going into eternal sleep - forever.” He has not even a pillow, just his hand used as a pillow - but such a huge statue, and so beautiful!

There are the Ellora caves, again carved into the mountains. There are Hindu temples in Jagannath Puri, in Konarak. You cannot imagine what art has been doing for centuries. The beautiful cathedrals of Europe, and all the great artists, Michelangelo.. What were these people doing? They were serving religion.

There was never a conflict anywhere in the world between religion and art. To me that signifies that the religion was pseudo; both were fictitious. There was no intrinsic opposition, they were moving in the same line of invention. Of course the artist was doing a far more authentic job, far more sincere than the priest, because what he was inventing was absolute fiction. There was no ground for it. His God was fiction, his heaven and hell were fiction. And these fictions have to be according to different people, where the religion existed.

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