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Chapter 9: Right-mindfulness: The Flavor of Understanding

When there is desire there is future, and with the future anxiety enters into your being. With the desire you have lost contact with the present.

Right-mindfulness is not a goal, cannot be a goal - because when all desires disappear and all goals disappear and you are herenow.that is the moment of right-mindfulness.

Why is it called “right”? It is called right be-cause it knows no division between right and wrong. Nothing is wrong! and nothing is right. All judgments have disappeared. One is utterly innocent.

When you see a roseflower, does the idea arise in you: “It is right, it is wrong”? When you see the morning star disappearing, does the idea arise in you: “Is it right or is it wrong?” When you start looking at life with no judgment, with no prejudice, then you are in the state of right-mindfulness.

Jesus has said: Judge ye not. Jesus has also said: Resist not evil - not even evil has to be resisted, then arises right-mindfulness. When you are neither moral nor immoral, when you are amoral like trees and animals and birds and beasts, when you are like a small innocent child who has just opened his eyes, with no ideas.then, in that silence, in that purity, it is right-mindfulness.

Why is it called right? It is called right because now it knows nothing as right and wrong - it knows no division, it is indivisible. The acceptance is total! - that’s why it is called right. You have fallen into the suchness of existence. You are no longer standing there like a judge.

Judging is wrong. To be in a state of non-judgment is right. Right, not against wrong right because all wrong and right have disappeared. You have no opinion. You don’t carry a philosophy in the mind. You are simply a mirror!

When you come before the mirror, the mirror does not say, “You are beautiful, you are ugly” - it simply reflects. It reflects without condemnation, without appreciation - it reflects choicelessly. It just reflects.

When your consciousness has become a mirror and simply reflects whatsoever is the case, it is right-mindfulness. That mirrorlike quality..

And it is not a goal, because every goal will bring dust on the mirror. Every goal will stir desires, and desires surround your mirror like mist - then reflection is not true, then suchness is not reflected. When you have some idea, you cannot be true to reality. You distort reality according to your idea. You try to mold reality according to your idea. You are to modify reality. You go on looking for your idea. You are searching for support: you would like reality to support your idea, you would like reality to agree with you - -and then you distort. Then you start seeing things which are not there, and you stop seeing things which are there. Then you start living in a mind-world.

To live in the mind is wrong. To live without mind is right, because without mind, the consciousness exists in its purity, mirror-like - it simply reflects. It says nothing! It has no interpretation.

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