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Chapter 35: Too Much Doing

In Rajiv Gandhi I see a great hope, because he is the prime minister but without any political ideology, without any political system in his mind. And that is one of the most necessary things in India. There is no need for it to have a particular system like America or Russia, because each country has its own problems and its own ways of dealing with them; it has its own history. India needs a new perspective for itself.

If a communist is prime minister of India, then there is a system already in his mind that he is going to impose on the country. If a Gandhian is the prime minister, then he has his ideology to impose on the country. The country becomes secondary, the people become means to fulfill a certain end that the politician has decided.

It is because of this that forty years of independence have gone in vain. India has fallen lower and lower, more chaos has erupted, because they were following two things. The British system, which was their inheritance, was not applicable to India. The British bureaucracy that was left behind in India was trained for a certain purpose, and the purpose was to keep the slave country a slave forever.

Those same people are running the Indian government. Now India is independent, but those people have minds which are applicable only to slaves.

So the first thing for Rajiv is to eliminate the whole British bureaucracy that has been left behind. It is against India’s future, India’s freedom. New blood should enter the government, and the new blood should be taught not to be bureaucratic. In an independent country the government is the servant of the people. In a slave country the government is the master of the people, and the people are just slaves.

The change is so big that the old bureaucracy has to be eliminated. Otherwise, they will continue their old mind and their old strategies and they will not allow India to feel its freedom.

So that is the first thing, that the British bureaucracy should be finished with. And it can be, there is no problem in it. Those people are old, near retirement. Give them retirement; even if it is not time for retirement, still they have to be retired.

Clean the Indian bureaucracy completely of the British impact. Bring in new young people who have no idea of being the masters, but come into the government to serve the people. That should be their basic understanding: that they are servants and the people should be respected.

The old bureaucracy has learned in the British Raj a strategy to go on postponing everything. There was no hurry.

One of my friends - in age he was very old, but we had a certain communion of thoughts - has been fighting a case for almost forty years, and still there is no decision. All the judges who have tried the case died. All the advocates who have been involved died.

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