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Chapter 43: Logic Should Serve Love

All that he does is borrow money. He is a PhD, he could have been a professor, but he says, “I don’t want to bother with all this. I enjoy borrowing.”

I said, “You should think about how long this can last.”

He said, “You don’t see. I never borrow from the same person again. And the world is so big and life is so short. I will manage.”

So he started flirting with the American girl. She was very much impressed - he is a very impressive person - and the professor who had married her was feeling so jealous. He had just an Indian mind. The Indian mind cannot conceive that his wife can go with somebody else to the swimming pool. In the first place no Indian woman will go to the swimming pool and even if she goes, she will go with her husband. But she was going with some stranger.

She was going out with him on bicycles; they were playing cards. The husband was in the university, but he was continually worried about his wife and that fellow - because he was completely free; he did nothing.

Soon the marriage broke up. They were fighting continuously. I told them, “You love each other, but you don’t understand the situation. Your minds are cultivated very differently. She can’t see that there is anything wrong if she goes to the swimming pool with some friend. She has been doing that from her childhood. You cannot conceive the very idea. Your idea is what you have seen in your family, in your society - that the wife should not even open her cover.” The sari that is used by the Indian women is pulled down to make a cover over the face. She should not take the cover off before strangers. “You have been brought up with such people; you cannot understand your wife holding hands with some stranger. They are enjoying and playing tennis and going for a walk, and you are just sitting and boiling up unnecessarily. You should have thought. Your parents were right - that this kind of marriage is not going to succeed.”

And I have not seen any marriage between Indians and foreigners succeeding. They always fail, for the simple reason that the two minds are brought up with different ideas, filled with different programs.

It is everybody’s birthright to be happy, but unfortunately the society, the people with whom we have been living, who have brought us into the world, have not thought anything about it. They have just been reproducing human beings like animals - even worse, because at least animals are not conditioned.

This conditioning process should be completely changed. The mind should be trained to be a servant of the heart. Logic should serve love. And then life can become a festival of lights.