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Chapter 2: Service with a Smile

It is a very cunning device. They are not giving a single rupee. They are earning so much, and income taxes go on becoming more and more as your income increases. There comes a point when you have to pay one hundred percent income tax, and if you go on increasing your income, you may have to pay one hundred and twenty-five percent, one hundred and fifty percent; you have to pay to the government more than you have earned. So this device helps after the point you feel it is good to pay to the government. Ten percent, fifteen percent, okay; when it comes to the point of paying one hundred percent, it is better to give in charity rather than giving it to the government. It is people’s money: if they had not given it to charity, they would have had to give it to the government.

So on the exploitation of people they are securing their bank balance in paradise. It is not their money; nobody gives his own money. In fact, all rich people all over the world have many charity trusts of their own.

Just here, in India, Tata is one of the richest people, amongst the three richest families. He has a great charity trust worth forty crore rupees, and he goes on pouring money into the trust. It is the people’s money, it should go to the government, but he siphons off the money.

Every rich person around the world is doing the same. Give it to the church, or make your own trust. Open a school in the memory of your father. Open a hospital and become a great man of charity in the memory of your dead mother. At least there will be the name of your mother, there will be your name, that you have made it in your mother’s memory. And this is the money that is making people poor. The church is made happy by receiving charity.

When I was arrested in America and without any reason they, in their minds, harassed me - I was not harassed, I enjoyed the whole trip. I saw the other side of the world which I would never have seen - twelve days being a guest of President Ronald Reagan!

They dragged me from one jail to another. I covered almost half of America traveling in the government airplane. I passed over a city, and I loved the lights of that city. I have been telling Anando that when we have more houses - and soon we will have, because more people are going to come, and we have to make arrangements for them - then we will make our own street lights.

I passed over a city called Salt Lake City. It is a city whose founder was killed just as they wanted to kill me, because we were also creating a city, and far bigger than Salt Lake City. We had one hundred and twenty-six square miles in our hands; we could have made three New Yorks or three San Franciscos!

Salt Lake City was made by a special cult of the Christians which separated from the Vatican. They are called the Mormons. I don’t agree with them, but I love their city.

Their founder was murdered by the American government, shot dead - but Mormons were Christians after all, so they could not kill all the Mormons. They are the most intelligent people in the whole Christian fold, and they have this city, Salt Lake City. Ninety-eight percent of the people in that city are Mormons, and they have a special arrangement..

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