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Chapter 2: Time Knows Only the Present Tense

Out of your awareness you cannot become soldiers in a war because you will be able to see, with clear eyes, that you are going to kill people - people who have done no harm to you personally, people just like you. They have their children, their wives, their mothers, their old fathers to take care of - and you are killing the person just to get a gold medal. Your gun will slip out of your hand, and that will be an act of awareness. And you will feel tremendously blissful that it happened; even if you are being shot your death will be a glory, a peace, an adventure, a journey into a new world.

So as far as I am concerned, all dualities are part of the materialist world, part of the mind of man. But unless you get a little higher than matter and mind - which is again a duality.So I don’t teach materialism, I don’t teach spiritualism. I teach a synthesis, something which is higher than both and which has no opposite to it. And this is the criterion: if you reach to a quality which has no opposite to it, then you can be certain you have attained something in your life.

What are the major mistakes in bringing up children?

The major mistakes in bringing up children are many, but I will talk only about the most important. First: the idea that they belong to you. They come through you; you have been a passage, but they don’t belong to you. They are not your possessions. Out of this idea of possessiveness many mistakes arise.

Once you start thinking that they are your possessions, you have reduced them into things, because only things can be possessed, not human beings. It is the ugliest act you can do. And those poor children are so helpless, so dependent on you, they cannot rebel. They accept whatever your idea is. And to protect your possessiveness you make them Christians the moment they are born. You make them Hindus, you make them Mohammedans, you make them Buddhists, you make them Jews - you can’t wait! And can’t you see the absolute absurdity of it?

In politics, the person will be adult and capable of voting when he is twenty-one. Is religion something of lesser quality than politics?

But the child cannot even understand language and he is circumcised; he is told that he is a Jew. He is baptized, with no consent from his side - for the simple reason that you don’t need any consent from your furniture, where to put it, to keep it or throw it. You are behaving with your children in the same way, like things.

If the parents are really alert, conscious, they will wait for the child to grow up so that he can choose. If he feels like becoming a Christian, he is free. If he feels like becoming a Buddhist, he is free. But he should choose only when he decides.

My feeling is that if twenty-one is the minimum age for politics, then for religion forty-two should be the minimum age when people can decide. And in fact that is the time when religion becomes important. You have lived life; you have seen all the seasons of life - forty-two is a very important turning point. You have to decide whether you will continue the same routine life, or you will bring some new dimension to it. And that new dimension is religion.

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