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Chapter 6: Beauty: Higher than Good, Higher than Truth

Some time later the friend came back to visit. “How did the experiment go?” he asked Sol.

“Well,” answered Sol, “I did like you said. I cross-bred the golden Guernsey with the Holstein, and what I got I called a Goldstein. But nobody wanted to buy it!”

“Why was that?” queried Jake.

“Why? Because,” answered Sol, “when a customer looked over all the other cows, each of them said, ‘Moo-oo!’ But when the man came over to my Goldstein, she eyed him and said, ‘Nuu-uu!’”

This “nuu” is very deep in people’s hearts, a vast no - no to everything that surpasses them, that is transcendental to their consciousness, no to everything that they have not been able to achieve, no to all the stars, no to the sky, no to all possibilities, potentials, no to every mirror because every mirror makes them feel very sad - they look so ugly.

One sannyasin was saying to another sannyasin, “Bobo is sure ugly!”

The other sannyasin said, “Yeah, he even looks worse than his passport photo!”

Hearing this, I told Krishna Bharti, my photographer, to take another photo of poor Bobo and make it as beautiful as possible. And I waited and waited, and K.B. never turned up with the photo, so I inquired again. I asked, “K.B., what happened? How did that picture of ugly Bobo turn out?”

He said, “What can I do? I tried my best, but Champa, our darkroom lady, never developed it. She was afraid to be alone with it in the darkroom!”

There are problems! When you have an ugly face it is better to avoid mirrors. Without mirrors you can go on believing how beautiful you are. Without mirrors there is no trouble; the mirror immediately creates the trouble. Suddenly you can see that this is how you look, and naturally the first reaction is to destroy the mirror; it is easier than transforming your face - that is a hard task, arduous, uphill.

People crucified Jesus; that is destroying a mirror. They poisoned Socrates; that is destroying a mirror. They murdered Al-Hillaj; that is destroying a mirror. Once the mirror is destroyed they can again relapse into the dream that they are beautiful; there is nothing to disturb their idea.

The second thing to remember is that Bhagwan does not mean God at all; that’s a strange misunderstanding. It is understandable if people from the West take them as synonymous, but even Indian fools do the same. It seems fools have the same quality all over the world! Wise men may differ, but fools are in absolute agreement with each other.

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