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Chapter 8: Truth Is Not Far Away

Naturally he was offended. He had no answer to it. He could not give me the answer. I said, “You can show me that there is no pornography. You know perfectly well that there is pornography, because each bishop, each priest avoids those pages when they go on reading sermons in their churches. They all know those pages - and they are not a small number, five hundred pages. So you cannot deny it. But I can see anger in your face. So now you will go and try to create some lie against me to create misconception in people’s minds. You will not say the truth, but how long can you hide it? I am going to publish the Unholy Bible - just five hundred pages of pornography, illustrated, so that the whole world can know that this book needs to be banned in every country, in every church, in every library, in every university, and that this is not the book to be considered even religious. But this is the book which is being freely distributed all over the world, and nobody raises a voice.”

So whenever you say something it hurts people’s conceptions, it destroys their illusions, or hits at the very root of their vested interests, because if the Bible is not holy, then all the churches are meaningless. Then the pope does not represent God, then the whole edifice of Christianity falls down. Naturally, they are going to do everything to protect their interests.

Just yesterday I received information from Italy - because I was going to go from Nepal directly to Rome. I have challenged the pope many times, but he is such a coward. I finally thought it is better to go to Rome and challenge him to a public debate so that he could prove that this book is holy. And if he could not prove it then we would make a bonfire of this Bible in Vatican City itself - “You should resign from your post and dissolve this whole nonsense of Christianity which is based on this book.”

Just yesterday I got information that the pope had instructed all the newspapers, magazines, radios, that are under his power or under some other Christian influence, that nothing should be said about me if I come to Italy - neither positive nor negative - “because this man takes advantage of both.” Whether you are for or against does not matter.

Now I can see this man understands; he does not misunderstand me. He has understood one thing: that even the negative publicity against me finally helps me, because finally the truth is with me.

His instruction is neither negative nor positive: no publicity should be given. But he does not understand that the first thing I am going to do in Italy is to proclaim to the press: “Any press who does not write about me - positive or negative - is just a puppet in the hands of the pope. You have sold even your intelligence. Just for a few rupees you have become a slave. You cannot even report. And I am not saying report for me, I am saying report whatever you want to report - let it be against me, nothing harms me.”

Even if somebody reads something against me, he starts thinking about me. He starts thinking, “Why are so many people writing against one man?” He goes to the library, he looks into the bookstore, he finds some book, he tries to understand..

I have called myself the man who influences people and creates enemies - but those enemies are of great help.

Existence has a certain balance. If I can create millions of enemies, then it is bound to be that millions of friends will be created. Existence can never go out of balance, it always keeps the balance. And there are things which have to be said. The time is ripe. We cannot go on hiding lies behind beautiful theories. They have to be exposed - that is the only way to create one humanity.

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