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Chapter 22: The Whole Existence Is with You

My own understanding is that Christianity has become the biggest religion of the world because it is a sick religion - more sick than any other religion. The cross and a serious Jesus - naturally, on the cross one has to be serious! It will look really odd if he starts laughing on the cross; he has to follow etiquette. His seriousness, his death, his cross have been helpful to millions of miserable people to join his company: “He seems to be the right person.”

He has told you to carry your crosses on your own shoulders, and you are carrying not wooden crosses, but far more deep psychological crosses of sadness, misery, anguish, anxiety, meaninglessness. These are your crosses. His cross was not that big, and it was something outside him; you are carrying your crosses within your hearts. There seems to be some kind of affinity between you and Jesus Christ.

The writer of Zorba the Greek, Kazantzakis was expelled by the Greek Orthodox church because he created Zorba - a man full of joy, full of love, a man full of music, carrying no cross at all - a fiction even, and one of the best that this century has created. And the great artist Kazantzakis was expelled from the church because he had done something immensely unchristian.

The church does not want you to be happy. Society does not want you to be happy. The psychoanalyst does not want you to be happy. Nobody seems to be interested in your happiness; everybody wants you to be miserable. There must be some vested interest in your misery - there is: the miserable man is easily enslaved. He is already broken. He has no guts left; he cannot fight, he cannot rebel; he cannot be a revolutionary, he has no hope. It does not matter to him; he is in such misery, what more misery can slavery be?

India remained for two thousand years in slavery without a single revolution worth calling a revolution. They call a few things.in 1942 Mahatma Gandhi called his movement a revolution. It is simply untrue. The whole revolution died in nine days. And a country of four hundred million people.How many people participated in the revolution? And why did it die out in nine days? These are not revolutions, just little efforts towards revolution which died before they were born.

India was not ready for any revolution; hence, the masses remained aloof - for them it mattered nothing. They were under the kingdom of Hindu kings before Mohammedans came; they were miserable. Mohammedans became emperors; they were miserable. Britishers came; they remained miserable. Their misery does not change. Why should they bother who is ruling them? Their hearts are so deeply sad that you cannot make them sadder.

All governments want people to remain miserable, and all priests want people to remain miserable, because only miserable people go to the priests for consolation. Only miserable people think of paradise; only miserable people want to be assured that blessed are the poor, blessed are the humble because they shall inherit the kingdom of God.

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