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Chapter 4: Earth and Sky Apart

The fifth question:

It is a long, long journey between the preparation and the ultimate; between the state of robopathology and enlightenment. Must one suffer during the period of the “journey” or is there a possibility of peace? Please explain.

It depends on you. It depends on what attitude you take about it. Waiting can become great joy if you trust that it is going to happen, if you trust that it is coming closer every moment. If you trust that it has already started happening because you have started moving towards it, then each moment that passes will make you more and more joyous. The home is coming closer.

But you can be very miserable if you take the. attitude - “How long do I have to wait? How far is the goal? Why have I to wait so long? Why have others reached? Why are others reaching before me?” Then you can create a thousand and one problems for yourself and you can get miserable. And remember, the law is that the more miserable you get in your waiting, the longer the waiting will be - because God cannot happen in a miserable mind. The happier the waiting, the closer you are coming. If your waiting can be your total joy, God will happen this very moment - no time gap is needed. It all depends on your patience.

But when I say patience, I don’t mean a negative quality, I mean a joyous patience - thrilled, expectant. It is going to happen! When it is going to happen is not the point - it is going to happen.

It all depends on how you interpret. Interpretation is a process that has to be understood very deeply. You can see a rosebush and you can start counting the thorns. If you count the thorns, there are millions. And in that very counting you will become incapable of seeing the rose. Counting the thorns, being hurt by the thorns, your hands will be bloody. You will be angry, you will be frustrated, you will be in despair - and your eyes will not be capable of seeing the rose. How can you see the rose with so many thorns? Thorns will be floating in your eyes. Your eyes will be covered by thorns; you will not be able to see the rose. Even if you have a glimpse of the rose you will not be able to trust. How can the rose happen? You know only thorns, you know only the pain of the thorns. The rose seems to be an impossibility. Maybe it is a dream, maybe you have imagined it, maybe it is a hallucination or something. But in the very nature of things it cannot happen - it is so contrary to the experience of thorns. Then it becomes impossible. By and by you will become oblivious of the rose. Then it no longer exists for you.