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Chapter 7: God Is the Power of Witnessing

The one known by the names Umasahaya, the companion of Uma; Neelkanth, the blue-throated one; and Trilochan, the three-eyed one; the one who is the master of the animate and inanimate universe, who is peace incarnate, who is the womb of all being, who is a witness, who is free of ignorance - this is the one the sages attain through meditation.

How is it possible to create a form from the formless? A form can be created in many ways. To create this form, the mind, - which is unable to understand the formless - needs to be given a form that it can grasp and yet can give up at the right moment.

It is like a man climbing up a ladder. A ladder’s usefulness is that we are able to climb it and we are also able to leave it. We climb the ladder and later on we leave it. When a man goes from one rung to the next, as he steps onto one rung he also leaves the previous one behind. Finally he reaches his destination by leaving the whole ladder behind.

You climb a staircase only to leave it behind. If someone thinks that he has to stay on the staircase, he will miss the previous floor as well as the next one. Many times it happens to the so-called religious people that their feet are uprooted from the world, but still they have not been able to reach the divine. They are hanging in the middle, they are neither here nor there. And the reason for this is that they have become attached to the staircase, and it is very dangerous to live on a staircase because it is not a home, a staircase is not a destination. It would have been better to have stayed where you were, on the lower floor. You can also live there because howsoever transitory, at least it is some sort of a home.

When you have abandoned the transitory but have not yet entered the eternal, and you hold on to the staircase, then your life will become a misery. The so-called religious people live in great misery. Compared to them, even a worldly man seems to be happier and healthier - at least he has a home somewhere.

But the bliss of one who has entered the home of the divine is immeasurable. The worldly man cannot know this bliss. His happiness and his pleasures are pale beside this bliss, like the light of a small lamp beside the sun.

The situation of someone who gets stuck in the middle, who gets stuck by staying on the staircase between two floors, is even worse than the situation of a worldly man. Very often I see so many religious people who come to me, and I am amazed to see their misery. A religious person shouldn’t be miserable at all! But their misery is worth understanding: their misery is that the bad people in the world are enjoying themselves and the good people in the world are suffering. Now a good person never suffers - and if he suffers, know well that he is not really a good person. The really good person is someone who has also begun to see the blessing in misery. Goodness and complaining are inconsistent.

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